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The movie "the Great Wall" made the ultimate Trailer Zhang Yimou responded "questioning" – Sohu entertainment movie "the Great Wall" released the final notice "gluttonous siege" [Click to view HD Photo]   Zhang Yimou said the new "the Great Wall" the plot exciting entertainment Sohu (eel treasure photo) est on the afternoon of October 8th, the film "the Great Wall" in the the New York International Animation Exhibition released the final Trailer "gluttonous siege", directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Matt Damon, Tian Jing, Pedro – Pascal, Wang Junkai attended the blockbuster. Zhang Yimou responded to the White House to save the world, and other questions, and said that the the Great Wall is a breathless, thrilling film.     "I think the opposite is true," Zhang Yimou replied: "before the online criticism is the conjecture, the film did not look at the conclusion?" Zhang Yimou explained: "Matt Damon plays a mercenary to China purpose is filthy, is to steal a gunpowder recipe. When a mercenary for money saw the courage and dedication of the Chinese army, he was infected and changed. Matt has a new understanding of trust and sacrifice, so this is a story about the hero’s growth." The young actor Zhang Yimou commented "I don’t get meat for many young idol actor film starred Zhang Yimou, said selected actors are the role requires, he does not deliberately put meat". "Every actor is chosen based on the characters, they are all subject to rigorous screening and evaluation," said Zhang Yimou. "Wang Junkai’s performance is very good, but Tian Jing is very cruel and hard for 48 hours, according to the English script and the lines reached performance requirements, 2 meters to 8 lances waving in the hanging wire case is not easy." And Wang Junkai also admitted that when the audition nervous talking. In the shooting process, by the director Zhang Yimou special test. Shut in the room according to the conditions set, show emotions such as sadness, collapse, tears once. But in the face of the recent audience for the "small meat are poor acting" criticism, Zhang Yimou believes that "there are no bad actors, not only good director"; since the selected actor, the director should mobilize the actors, with the guidance of the completion of the show. Zhang Yimou Matt – Damon Kechien Sino US team for three years with Matt – Damon starred in giant photo of "the Great Wall" from the script to now, almost three years. One thousand people on the scale of the group has more than and 100 people. Zhang Yimou admitted that in the shooting and post production, there are a large number of Chinese and American teams need to negotiate and communicate content. Starring Matt Damon, is to have contact in the "The Flowers Of War", after the time reason failed to cooperate. The "the Great Wall" in the beginning is the time reason failed to cooperate, two months after the sudden "is a final in dense willow trees and bright flowers". Zhang Yimou said: Matt – Damon humble people friendly, won the Golden Globe Award for best screenplay for him, in the shooting lines provide various solutions, but he is still considering his future as a director in. "Gluttonous siege" version of the trailer, the first exposure of the Great Wall unknown secret相关的主题文章: