The Fifth China charity show opens in Shenzhen today whereisip

The Fifth China Charity exhibition opened today in Shenzhen in September 23rd, the Fifth China Charity Project Exchange Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "mercy show") held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition center. At 8:30 in the morning, the main venue of the center stage, in the first batch of resources docking ceremony from Guizhou Sandu Miao chorus beautiful singing and the leaders of the witness, the merciful exhibition kicked off. 2016 is a comprehensive well-off society built the decisive stage at the beginning of the year, is also China’s charity law promulgated and implemented the first year. At present, philanthropy ushered in a new era of good governance, innovation and development, openness and inclusiveness, cross-border cooperation. The fifth Chee Exhibition "in order to help the good and SG poverty" as the theme, and follow the "five development of the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing", is committed to creating a charity exhibition platform, the whole chain of charity resources elements match docking platform and the whole society to participate in the charity industry annual event. The exhibition hall is located in CI Exhibition Center Hall 1 and Hall 6, the exhibition area of about 40000 square meters; the first set of the venue, is located in Baoan District Haiyu community, the exhibition area of about 1000 square meters, focus on the display characteristics of community charitable organizations and projects. The CI exhibition from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and the Hong Kong and Macao more than 2 thousand and 600 charitable organizations, enterprises and individuals, and 75 international NGOs and other participating exhibitors, exhibitors to increase the size of the last CI reached 11%. This charity exhibition highlights the theme of Xing Xing law, increase publicity of charity law, to create a good atmosphere of charity. The first set of charitable cultural sector, the creation of charitable cultural theme park, focus on promoting the concept of modern charity and charitable development of the results, so that the charity further into the community, in-depth public. At the same time, to explore new formats, new carriers and new ways of public charity charity faces after the promulgation of the law, training, support and guidance of public organizations in the charity law under the guidance of standardized operation, and promote the healthy development of philanthropy. The national strategy of poverty alleviation on the current CI exhibition, showcasing the social charity resources in precise poverty, and the main results of the advanced experience in precise poverty, advanced to play the typical demonstration effect, highlights the poor class of charitable organizations and charitable projects, and actively guide social resources to increase the support and investment in economic difficulties on poverty alleviation, inspire and mobilize all social forces to join the work of helping the poor. Poverty alleviation exhibition this year, a total of 142 exhibitors, from the supply side to the demand side resources have been shown to form a poverty alleviation industry ecological chain. Such as the National Association of industry and commerce enterprises million million to help the village project, has become an important platform for private enterprises to participate in the battle of Guizhou out of poverty; Zhijin County, Henan Guangshan County, Shaanxi Ningshan county 3 accurate poverty case collective debut exhibition; relief of social organizations across the country will also show to help the poor and needy high-tech products etc.. Opening day, the first batch of resources docking ceremony signing a total of five projects, docking funds of $100 million. Vanke Limited by Share Ltd donated 30 million yuan, and Shenzhen municipal government jointly funded by the Tibet intangible cultural museum. Focus Media donated 20 million yuan to subsidize the beautiful china".相关的主题文章: