The father said, it’s good for children to go to school whereisip

The father said "the children to learn good father" attended two colleges and universities said "the children learn to be good" Pingchang County propaganda office director Li Jian told the Chengdu Daily reporter, in August 12th this year, the county Zhaoban in the review process, Jia Yongyu found that household is not Pingchang County, in the college entrance examination, serious spirit in time, this situation to the city, provincial relevant departments. Li Jian said, Jia Yongyu is returned after the Pingchang county government attaches great importance to actively think of ways to seek remedies, finally in September 20th, Jia Yongyu was admitted to the Chengdu University of Technology. Prior to this, the Jia Yongyu family has experienced a process from joy to grief. Just received the admission notice of Zhongshan University, so that the rural families feel very pleased, Jia Yongyu also happily went to see the perennial working parents in Guangdong. But by mid August, that Jia Yongyu was facing a sudden turn for the worse, can not be the admission of the situation, parents advised his daughter "bad luck, then repeat a year". "But the daughter is crying, not talking." September 23rd, Chengdu business daily contact Jia Yongyu’s father, he did not want to say more, but said that now things are finally handled, the child to learn just fine". "The Hukou misfiled" Pingchang County discipline inspection departments have been involved in investigating the matter for this, in September 23rd, the Information Office of the Pingchang County People’s government responded that: in September 20th, the candidates have been accounting major of Chengdu University of Technology (the Department of a professional admission), and have formal admission. At present, the Local Discipline Inspection Commission led by the Public Security Bureau, county Zhaoban, fully cooperate with the investigation of the responsible personnel, and will be treated according to discipline in accordance with regulations. Li Jian said that the child is the first reading, and now the children learn to solve the problem, the responsibility will focus on handling. Once the results of the corresponding treatment, Pingchang will be released to the public in a timely manner. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Yang Ling相关的主题文章: