The family has the child to grow up to start the Han Dantong vigor to enter (video) barcarolle

"Families with children" on Han Dantong in a Tencent dynamic entertainment news recently, by producer Li Hong, director Lin Cong together to create a large sitcom "family with children at the beginning of a" boot ceremony held in beijing. The drama starring Zhang Yishan, Yalin Gao (micro-blog), will come to the scene, "mother" Wang Lin and "beauty neighbor" for Han Dantong to join the drama into a new bright spot, attracted a lot of attention, the "a" Zhang Yishan and oxygen goddess Han Dantong upcoming emotional drama became a major part of the play. Han Dantong Zhang Yishan at first sight emotional drama cited expectations after 12 years ago "families with children" on both sides of the Changjiang River Huobian, become a generation of childhood memories, from the "family with children" original cast to create a "family with children early maturity" in Beijing recently held a formal ceremony, Zhang Yishan not only Thanksgiving return, the original drama "father" Yalin Gao in confirmation, "new mother" Wang Lin and the new Jin Han Dan Tong small artistes strong join, is more cause the attention of many users and hot. It is reported, with fresh appearance and excellent acting gradually into the audience’s attention to Han Dantong, the drama will play a mysterious beauty temperament bursting with Zhang Yishan’s neighbors, because of its vivid and lively image, as Zhang Yishan’s crush, two people’s feelings to the audience full of suspense and imagination. Han Dantong calls "fresh oxygen goddess debut comedy power plays Zhang Yishan mysterious beauty neighbor Han Dantong, dressed in a long white casual jeans sweater collocation, with fresh and elegant oxygen girl image appeared in the starting ceremony. Acting as actor has ridden different roles, Han Dantong for the first attempt at humor comedy, claiming that "strength, the power of comedy", so many fans look forward to her in "families with children" in the role of a new interpretation, I believe that in her "tong type personality" interpretation, everyone will once again enjoy easy laughter to be familiar with the memories of youth. "Home with children" was originally Liu Xing was a child of snow!相关的主题文章: