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The fall of confinement more easily branded "month"? October – Sohu infant autumn temperature changing, new mothers confinement should pay attention to you. The new two blood deficiency, resistance drops, and sweat more, the body pores open, easy to catch cold. Therefore, the new mother’s warmth is very important. "The maternal body empty, eat a month of meals with high energy, women thought it was really hot, feeding when wearing a thin coat, his neck, this is not good." The doctor said, this is relatively easy to neglect local mothers. Usually get up and nurse, must pay attention to wear thick clothes, avoid cold. Learn more about motherhood knowledge, you can also join the national health good mummy club QQ group, there do not understand the questions at any time, we will reply in the first time. And interact with their mothers, in the interaction of learning knowledge, training skills. QQ group: 212150626, we are waiting for you oh! In addition, confinement should pay attention to the room temperature, maternal and baby room temperature generally maintained 22 to 24 DEG C for good, cold, easy to make maternal Baby Colds, should pay attention to maintain the indoor temperature, can make indoor temperature maintained at the state of air conditioning, be neither hot nor cold warm such as; cannot have been closed the window, in addition to the regular ventilation, bedding should use cotton or hemp and other soft breathable products; every 1 to 2 weeks of exposure to a change in the sun. You fall, take care of the baby, breastfeeding mothers are more likely to be cold. As a part of the savings in period of pregnancy liquid to be discharged, sweat dirt dirty clothes, so often take a shower and wash Qinhuan underwear, to keep the skin clean. "Cold from the feet", and therefore should be in kidney feet, wear cotton socks, thick soft bottom shoes. Prepare a gown at the bedside, midnight feedings should be promptly put on, so as not to catch cold. To take advantage of the risk of postpartum postpartum bath must be in the room to take care of the body, the body is easy to sweat, so it is also important to keep the body clean. So even in the autumn of confinement mothers, should also pay attention to health. According to the general personal case, producing 1 to 2 weeks of birth can begin to try taking a bath. But the bath you need to close the doors and windows, wind and cold; special attention should also be paid to the water for. Tips in late autumn, when bathing room must be safe, the bathroom should be warm, advance open Yuba and bathroom heating equipment, the indoor temperature will be adjusted to 20 degrees before entering. Water temperature to 37 degrees Celsius or slightly hot, bath time is not too long, to 5 ~ 10 minutes is appropriate. The bath can choose windbreak ginger: wind 50 grams, 50 grams of ginger, beat broken, washed with water, fried water to slag Wash Shampoo, or directly use ginger boiled water bath, wind and cold dispelling effect is significant. Anti depression to create a warm and harmonious family atmosphere in autumn range is small, and the maternal body, psychological aspects and role conversion does not adapt, often appear some negative psychological yard. This kind of performance is usually lonely helpless, grievance sad, life lazy, easy to cause the occurrence of postpartum depression. To find out the maternal psychological entanglements, enlighten to solve these problems..相关的主题文章: