The Ethan Ruan Nicholas Tse show muscle blasting cry moment – repeat entertainment Sohu mia farrow

Ethan Ruan Nicholas Tse repeated blasting show of muscle cry moment – Sohu entertainment Nicholas Tse Ethan Ruan unveiled the Sohu muscle entertainment news "delicacy variety twelve Feng taste 3" [Third] to watch the episode aired tonight, Nicholas Tse and Ethan Ruan two handsome naked meet a big show of muscle is the blood spray zhang. In addition, understanding the full two people still Thailand up selling girl, back to Beijing to go by avatar delivery way, laughed fruit extraordinary quite aspect. Ethan Ruan and Nicholas Tse met shirtless exposes was clinging to the delicacy snacks, sweating, kicking act undisguisedly…… Nicholas Tse Ethan Ruan appeared to a worthy of many sisters screaming muscles Muay Thai tournament. If the first two is Nicholas Tse in front of the two goddesses of the goddess of Hsu Chi, and then enjoy the gentleman, then the phase is the nature of the boy he was driven by the exposure of the big boy in the third phase. Think they flew out of the scene of the explosion is very handsome and brave? The two boys said the answer was NO! Too late to put on clothes, talk to the topic of Nicholas Tse said he was scared to death. He might imitate other martial arts "abandon" their retreat scene, to prove their own "courage by roar". Ethan Ruan personal interpretation of how "handsome but three", "I think I must be very handsome out results…… Bang!" A small imitation of his day was like, immersed in awkward memories of two people laugh it up. Since it is a delicacy program, small day to Nicholas Tse also revealed his childhood love to eat delicacy snacks, sometimes because it is too expensive, he had to save a little young "finally to save 50 dollars, I immediately went to the market to buy to let mother to help me to do, but also reluctant to bite." So this can come to "Twelve Feng taste", and Nicholas together to experience the delicacy trip is also very happy. Nicholas Tse said he had to sell the same tide service money Nicholas Tse: I have a relationship with the tide? Although Nicholas Tse is only two years older than Ethan Ruan, but he was once a famous young Ethan Ruan and his peers idol, when the two taste "emperor food" in Thailand, Ethan Ruan will use a word to scare Nicholas Tse "when I rely on you to make a lot of money." Originally, the young Ethan Ruan Nicholas Tse quickly discovered the dress by his peers as "tide", he immediately imported a large number of Nicholas Tse with clothing on sale online, and mark Nicholas Tse same paragraph, also revealed that the business is hot! And Nicholas Tse listened to an incredible face, "I have a relationship with the tide?" Then I can not help but be exposed by brokers and fans Tucao a variety of "tide" "a dress to wear n years" history. Two more talk the more congenial, simply by friendship throughout the black mode will unlock all the young and frivolous past, let the whole of Thailand for emerge in its totality, laughed fruit extraordinary. And the girl selling vegetables frequently clash go by sharing their stories by Nicholas Tse in the program "I admit in Beijing every day or every other day to buy food, with the market exchange but it is clear that aunt" he is concentrating on the dishes, never bargain. While claiming to be "only a small time visit farms" Ethan Ruan is a consummate master circle circle to bargain. In the Thailand market, Ethan Ruan.相关的主题文章: