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The drama "Premiere" decreed by fate let all people xuemaibizhang Entertainment – Sohu of snow and snow and Mu Juyi snow kite girl Zhu Huanran wedding of Zhu Huanran and Mu Juyi in September 23, 2016, after a lapse of eight years once again boarded the cruel drama on the stage drama "Aesthetics" in the Beijing theater as decreed by fate, an hour before the show, the theater hospital has been bustling, there are still many audience to the ticket office. On the scene after the famous actor Yang Lixin, All seats are occupied., Zhao Qin, Jing Yidan, Ouyang Xiadan, the famous host Zhang Weiqiu, the famous writer Yu Yue, have to walk into the theater to watch the show. With the actors and the plot, the recent popular keywords and events: Baoqiang Wang, Wang Shi, Xu Yuyu, the trouble was dismissed as "temporary", the tigers, China soccer into a stage one by one. The audience in the performances of the first half of the second half of laughter, in addition, with tears trickling down cheeks, "" the music decreed by fate surprise, director Yan Rui in the show into a scene of hollowing, Muyu, box drums and other instruments, the soundtrack to "seize the opportune moment to create an atmosphere of the narrative" decreed by fate. At the end of the drama "decreed by fate", the hero mu DrayTek shouted out lines like: come on, you pull cord, let the kite from the ground, the free float, make it like the youth like self-assured or supercilious arrogance, regardless of the cost; like without fate, regardless of who’s crazy like fen. One year, we have at least one day, regardless of reality, only talk about the ideal! The audience said afterwards: 2.5 hours of wonderful performances so that we began to re-examine their own love, longing for love is really falling in the cruel reality, the fate of the unwilling really fall in the cruel reality? The so-called cruel aesthetics, probably this is the meaning of it. The director and actor producer Yin Tao "curtain call" adapted from the Ming and Qing Dynasties decreed by fate, genius scholar Li Yu’s legendary plays "the kite" error. It is about time, chic and elegant style of scholar Mu Juyi, because no family, no money no potential, can only depend on the wealthy but extremely ugly rich two generations of Zhu Huanran, he wanted to own a solo venture, while Zhu Huanran also did not help to find their own family gene modified wife grounds, refused to give money to Mu draytek. Because the kite, Mu Juyi in the name of Zhu Huanran inadvertently and rich white Formica Cheng had love snow, is going to marry for money to find Zhu Huanran snow on the occasion, Zhu Huanran is just the friends in the introduction to marry snow. Mu Juyi Zhu Huanran found himself for fear of theft and future boss boss name dating to recognize, and snow and snow at this time, father Cheng Pu because the snow has been betrothed to the The family is in straitened circumstances., the highest level of junior high school officials. Zhu Huanran come to propose marriage, Cheng Pu Zhu Huanran reluctant to give up this fat, decided to put his ugly daughter removed frozen snow to hire ugly Zhu Huanran…… Interest and desire snowballed, eventually get out of hand, the wrong point Yuanyang spectrum comedy into a tragedy, Mu Juyi eventually because of high price and give Zhu Huanran out of the snow, the deep love Yi, the love is more important than life snow Dutch act..相关的主题文章: