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The Double Ninth Festival: Taiwan grants for Hong Kong and Macao homecoming worship – Beijing Festival and chongyang. Travel sightseeing, climb mountains, ornamental chrysanthemum, biancha Mastixia, eating double ninth cake, drink chrysanthemum wine, kite match (kite) and other traditional celebrations for Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan regions on the Chinese traditional culture imprint. But in the traditional, Hong Kong and Macao to celebrate the Chongyang have strong local characteristics. Hongkong: legal holidays grave worship Festival is a public holiday in Hongkong, Hong Kong people attach importance to its remarkable degree. People in Hong Kong and Macao Customs, "spring," Qingming "Autumn Festival chongyang". This custom worship custom stretches so far, because the main cemetery in Hongkong mountain, the grave also realized high, quite suitable season. A few days before the festival, the people of Hongkong would have to start the grave, the government also announced in advance of traffic arrangements near the cemetery, and to remind people to pay attention to the fire. Most of these people in one or more of the family as a unit, with rich offerings and incense to worship their ancestors. Many people in Hongkong after Saowan tomb, visit their ancestors, and his family with food and drink, go on a field trip. So the road to the cemetery in the early morning is especially crowded. Therefore, Chongyang Festival, Hong Kong and Macao flower shop, shop paper offerings Business Flourishes, after Tomb-sweeping Day. Macao: roast pig, flowers show their grief in Macao, is also a legal holiday festival. Pigs and flowers is the traditional festival worship items, the day early in the morning, there are a lot of children buy roast suckling pig worship, appeared on the road carrying paper offerings of incense, by twos and threes rushed to the cemetery. Macao new and old Western cemetery, Aberdeen? Xiaosi cemetery as a cemetery grave tide. With the Double Ninth Festival people climbing the grave traffic authority of Macao SAR government has also implemented a special traffic control related to the location, and the opening of connecting urban and the grave sites of public transportation line, to facilitate travel. The government is still the default multiple "graveyard treasure basin", for the residents of the burning. Although the cemetery of the people keep, but orderly, most of the residents after sacrifice cleaning away, ensure the cemetery clean. The use of the Double Ninth Festival vacation, family travel, family fun is a popular way to celebrate Christmas in Macao. In Macao Songshan, can see people climbing hand-held windmill. In ancient times, to avoid the scourge of Double Ninth has been injected with a relaxed mood, close to nature, a new meaning to do exercise and doing physical training. Taiwan: a Jin Jinglao in Taiwan after the Double Ninth Festival custom originated in the mainland. According to legend, when Zheng Chenggong to Taiwan, the mainland on the double ninth, carrying dogwood, eating rice, drink chrysanthemum wine, chrysanthemum and other folk customs to Taiwan. Since then, the Taiwan scholar also held love poetry, in poetry and Drinking Festival assume. After hundreds of years of evolution, the traditional custom of the Double Ninth Festival has with the local culture together, and derived a new way to celebrate. Now Taiwan and the mainland, to the festival gives a nostalgic thinkingpro, respecting the new meaning. Taiwan from 1966 "Double Ninth Festival" as the "old festival", with the Double Ninth Festival opening.相关的主题文章: