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The dog games Wu Yi proposal "Hello neighbors" busy entertainment Sohu Wu Yi sing blessing   Sohu; entertainment news aired last week the "hello" neighbors, Shenyang’s "ice breaking journey" ushered in a super popular member — Wu Yi! Wu Yi’s "Hello neighbor" debut mission really is not easy — for the lost dog to help find the owner of affectionate neighbors to marry him, and in the movement known as "the most difficult challenge since the program launch of the" ice "will play"…… Play the ball to skate handkerchief did not stop! Wu Yi won the first battle dance neighborhood test sing the first task assists neighbor suitor Wu Yi "Hello neighbours" first show to challenge is to help find the owner of lost dogs, Wu Yi pulled the dog out, adorable cute style. The test started, Wu Yi lingered near the cell door, trying to seek help from neighbours, after many rejections finally met a neighbor dog, she launched everyone in the WeChat group to help, through caring neighbours help and social forces, and ultimately help the dog to find the owner, Wu Yi for the first time the neighborhood test success. The test is just a warm-up, Wu Yi’s first show the most difficult task is to help a neighbor to solve life events! Neighbor to longtime girlfriend, who together through thick and thin, Wu Yi and Shao Mingming to participate in the proposal, and neighbors rehearsing a dance, the expression of love to actor actress, after a woman had forced Meng face appeared in the male confession moved to tears, and Wu Yi. A "Recipient" blessing of male and female, this really assists due diligence! The history of the most difficult games "Wuda girl" busy movement in this most difficult last week on the ice, "Wuda girl" in the "Meida girl girl waves" background sound Lili China start relay, foot skates, top hand handkerchief, narrowly a challenge. But the "big girl" Wu Yi is fond of self black, said he is best at playing not scoring, "said he is confident of winning the game because" I chassis low ", in fact, the" low chassis "Wu Yi" in play ", the successful completion of the challenge all ice games. Although the final result was with the neighbor award pass, but the ice day group and the neighbors will wonderful performance in this sport in the ice brings a lot of joy, the neighbors are in the process of competition is more solidarity, which have a good interpretation of the meaning of "Hello neighbor"! The next program breaking members will go to a red cell, in the "all Lei Feng" residential neighborhood will appear the same? How will they perform well? Please pay attention to this Friday (September 16th) evening 21:20 Guizhou satellite TV "Hello neighbor"!相关的主题文章: