The discovery of a hole or dark matter on a stellar stream at the edge of the

The Milky Way edge star streams found empty or astronomers detected the Milky Way department now has two stars outside with a huge gap caused by dark matter, they think it may be dark matter penetration through the Milky Way system formation, provide clues to heavy scientists to study the mysterious dark matter. How did the universe come from? What is dark matter and dark energy? Tencent, according to the British Daily Mail reported that, at present, astronomers latest observations show that the Milky Way galaxy outside a scattering of dark matter may exist in the secret. They have now detected two huge holes that penetrate the Milky way. Astronomers believe that the huge hole is formed by the rapid formation of two dark matter millions of years ago through the Milky Way galaxy, dark matter is a kind of intangible matter, the galaxies in the sky together. The researchers said that the mass of dark matter is 1 million -1 billion times the sun. Study co-author, University of Cambridge astronomer Vasily – Belokurov (Vasily Belokurov) said that this discovery will help them predict a mysterious particles of dark matter, if dark matter exists in the cluster structure than the minimum dwarf galaxies smaller, will tell us about what properties of dark matter particles, dark the material should be by the number of very large particles. The study is an innovative breakthrough in our understanding of dark matter. Because dark matter produces light or electromagnetic radiation, using conventional telescope to observe the existence of dark matter, which means that the human eye and ground-based astronomy detection equipment can not be found in dark matter, it can be speculated that there is calculated by gravity or around other substances. So far, scientists believe that the universe is made up of dark matter, and visible matter is only about 5% of the universe. Research Report of the responsible person, the British astronomer Denis of the University of Cambridge – aicard (Denis Erkal) pointed out that, although we have not understood how dark matter formed, but we know they are everywhere, they diffuse in the universe as a scaffold consists in normal material universe around. Dark matter clusters, also known as the halo, is the formation of the universe of residues, is still drifting in space. Astronomers estimate that tens of thousands of small clusters of dark matter are full or around the Milky way, forming a complete space dark spot. Researchers in the analysis of the Milky Way Department of lateral star streams, accidentally detected some strange phenomenon, the star flow is residual material small dwarf galaxies and clusters of stars, they had surrounded the Milky Way system operation, but the tear in the Milky Way Department of tidal forces, extending into a long, narrow narrow space. At present, the researchers used the latest modeling technique to detect "Paloma No. 5" two stars in the globular cluster flow tail has two huge gap wrinkles. (long compile)相关的主题文章: