The creditor claims 200 yuan is not a hands-on assault was sentenced to 30 thousand yuan for the new-marie digby

The creditor claims 200 yuan is not a hands-on assault was sentenced to compensate 30 thousand yuan – Beijing for debt was rejected, actually make people fight to minor injuries, not only did not want to return the money, but also lost a sum of compensation, he was sentenced. Recently, the Shuyang County procuratorate prosecution, the court sentenced the defendant to intentional assault Zhong Youjin imprisonment of six months, suspended for one year. Zhong Youjin and Liu Department workers relations. At the beginning of this year, due to the urgent event of Liu borrowed 200 yuan, has not yet. May 15th 15 am, Zhong Youjin is working in the factory to see Liu from the financial room to get paid out, they stopped Liu claims. Liu with enough money refused to pay back the money, Zhong Youjin had grabbed Liu collar, fists hitting the face, causing Liu nasal facial injuries. After identification, Liu injuries constitute minor injuries two. After the incident, Zhong Youjin relatives compensation for Liu’s economic losses totaling 30 thousand yuan. The court held that Zhong Youjin has constituted the crime of intentional injury. In view of Zhong Youjin and actively compensate the victims to obtain understanding, be given a lighter punishment, then made the decision. (Song Guangchao, Yu Dengmeng)相关的主题文章: