The couple drove home on the road to pull the car out of control and hit the fence (video) mide-031

The couple drove home on the way to pull the car out of control and crashed into the fence under the night, a driving car suddenly out of control, hit the roadside barrier. Is drunk driving? Poison drive? Hidden or otherwise? The car out of the men and women on the evening of September 11, 2016… About 11:30, Xiangyang City Square police station police on duty square bridge junction suddenly heard a bang a loud noise, a look out, found a black Volkswagen car has crashed into a roadside guardrail, the right front wheel is directly hit thrown onto the sidewalk, roadside guardrail the three section is broken. A young man and a young woman sitting in the car for a long time, still suffering from the shock, just return to god. After getting off the bus, two people saw the vehicle "tragedy", but at a loss about what to do. After questioning, the young man surnamed Wang, just 20 years old this year, he drove the car accident. When the police asked detailed after the incident, Wang faltering, beside the young woman also does not look natural. After repeated questioning, the original Wang and next to a young woman Lee is a pair of lovers, the night of two people because of some trivial quarrel in the car, when the vehicle along the Daqing road and turn right on the road, in a moment of anger Lee suddenly grabbed his head to pull on his arms, causing the vehicle instantly out of control a direct hit on the right side of the road guardrail. Fortunately it was late at night, no other vehicles and pedestrians on the road, two people in the car was wearing a seatbelt, just cause property damage and no injuries. Police on the two dangerous behavior of a serious criticism of education, in the face of this consequence, the two of their immature behavior is deeply regret. Supervisor shoot van overtaking vehicle lost control and hit a grudge green belt rollover相关的主题文章: