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The book is a bridge in the East Mody Mody? Sohu new term has come to the mother and child, the number of schools to meet the first batch of students, 10 after Meng baby on primary school. For the six or seven year old child, the new environment, new students, new knowledge, is about to begin a new stage of life. In the stage of 0~6 years old children, mostly in parent-child reading, to accept a large number of input picture books. When the child is almost 6, at the age of 7, entered the primary school stage, this time parents can choose some suitable for children to read the bridge book reading. "Bridge book" is a type of books between picture books and text of the book. The merger of these books and pictures, the picture slowly into the text of the auxiliary, to the text book close, while the content is mostly concerned about the child’s daily life, nature and other topics. The bridge is an important part of the book and the picture book of the same stage of children reading, the book can let the children through the bridge to independent reading from the parent-child reading transition. Parents’ understanding of the bridge book, you can better lead the child to grasp the rhythm of the stage reading. The characteristics of the bridge book: 1, familiar words: use all ages common words, let the children read a sense of security, and gradually accumulated vocabulary; 2, read: easy to read, protect eyesight, but also facilitate the identification; 3, short sentence: usually in 5-10 words: easy to read, easy to understand; 4 for less, the number of rows per page is about 12-20 between. According to the level and the proportion will be down to single digits, or more than 20; 5, a small figure in the book: the bridge diagram is no longer a hero, but a supporting role, is the text of the supplement is to help children understand the text tool. The book features bridge summed up in ten words, familiar words, Chinese characters, short sentences, little, small pick from "Yi Yi ah and a laughing wolf" from "pick the Pampas" the story of the book "bridge bridge" is based on a picture book reading on the basis of different children have different basis. Therefore, the choice of what kind of bridge book is very important. If the choice of "deep", the child did not read a sense of security, see the book will frown. If the choice of "shallow", and is not conducive to the continued growth of children’s interest in reading, improve reading level. The above content, finishing the new reading research institute researcher Li Yiman blog how to attract children to their own reading, and even get pleasure from reading, the parents confused. Small series for mom and dad to choose a number of bridge books to solve this problem. Sherlock Krupit (1-11) Krupit is a ten year old boy, the worship of Sherlock Holmes, in addition to clothing is also keen to deliberately imitate, solve the mystery, the self styled professional private detective. The series of novels a total of eleven episodes, each episode of two stories, funny language, tense plot, to attract readers to participate in detection. Zebra zebra looking for work always want to, in addition to black and white stripes, what are the advantages? What can you do when you grow up? So the zebra left the forest and went to the city where the animals worked Animal hospital animal hospital相关的主题文章: