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Fashion-Style The ever changing face of womens fashion trend has helped to revamp the wardrobe of style mavens every year. Every passing season brings new style statements for ladies and this has given newer reasons for women to go shopping. Now, the question lies as to what are the determining factors that keep making new trends for a female wardrobe? Mostly the seasonal demands or new movies and the trending fashion designers runway styles help out women to refresh their fashion fixes. So let us see what trends women are following this season. 1.The boho chic- The careless and romantic feel of a boho style statement has dominated womens wardrobe since the 70s. Long, flowy maxi dresses, teamed with boots or capes and leather satchels or oversized bags. The leading motifs of atypical boho look are nature inspired prints, floral or Aztec motifs, appliqus in pastel shades or bright quirky hues. Patch worked jeans or skirts coupled with easy breezy chiffon tops are also must haves if you are planning to sport this look this season. 2.Laces- This style fix might not fall under the latest fashion trends for women since precursors of lace trendsetters has been the Victorian and baroque women. But now also we see laces rule many international runway and red carpet looks. The lace bodycon dress or flirty lace top or even a peek-a-boo with lace inners under a sheer top can be a big hit this season. If you are not too much into this delicate feminine style then adding a subtle touch of lace in your outfits with lace detailing around the collar or at the fringes of your skirt or dress. 3.White all overs- Be a vision in white this season by soothing your senses and others as well with an allover white do. White can be called a color for all seasons but especially in the summers if you want comfort and style at the same time then turn heads in white all overs. A crisp white top teamed with white trousers or pencil skirt can take you from work to party or a white crop top with midi cullotes are sure to earn you a lot of compliments on a day out. 4.Military or khaki- From extreme feminine style fixes of lace and boho to a more androgynous take on fashion, try khaki or military camouflage prints to take your wardrobe to a new level. Team a crop top or a basic racer back with army print baggy trousers or multiple pocket pants or try a loose white shirt with khaki or military shorts to create a smart and chic statement. 5.Tassels- Fassels are meant to add a playful twist to any attire or accessory. This is among the most quirky latest fashion trends for women to try out this year . Be it in your boots or bags or the hem of your skirt or scarf a tassel detailing is sure to give a new take on any look you sport. Article resource: ..articlesbase../fashion-articles/the-5-latest-fashion-trends-for-women-7400772.htm l About the Author: Lillian Jan is a professional experience fashion writer and also she has informative knowledge and idea about fashion designer, fashion stylist. As her passion for writing she likes to reading to create a relevant and effective topic through her articles. She believes that a fashion clothes should be an extension of one’s intellect and make the special feelings for people. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: