The 3 wedding dad decided to file 12.9 every day to help Zhang Liang after marriage – Entertainment

"The 3 wedding" dad decided to file 12.9 every day to help out Zhang Liang " after marriage; " Sohu entertainment "3 wedding" father and son Zhang Liang fixed gear posters hands every day in the entertainment Sohu today, comedy "the 3 wedding" Dad announced profiles for December 9th, and released a "lover node character poster version. The poster to the wedding scene as the theme, the film depicted in "beautiful life, you are accompanied by" romantic yueranzhishang. Zhang Liang Dong Jie, by the side of the day with a red silk wrapped tightly together. The "where" father to hit, Zhang Liang and his son Zhang Yuexuan (every day) became the hottest star father and son. Has been gradually reduced the number of public appearances every day, and Dad together on the big screen, from the "dawn" father and son co starred in the "Daddy’s 3 wedding" in December 9th is about to visit the national cinema. In the movie, Zhang Liang’s clothing student handsome, full of wit Gu in school history, the first time in classmate Qian Xiaoqiong (Dong Jieshi), but love is always experiencing unexpected tricks and misunderstanding. Pure love is moving, the more dramatic miss distraught. In the film, "Zhang Liang dangdie?", and every day will continue to sue out of the sky ", the little man of God in Western dress and leather shoes, not only the embodiment of" small bone ", still" after marriage "campaign, give advice and suggestions for the father of little Cubitt incarnation of love of the road. Ma Chucheng prior to the "young", "city of glass", "sweet", "Hancheng Raiders" and other films are known, this time the "Dad’s 3 wedding" is his first attempt by mainland love movie theme. In "the 3 wedding" father, he tells the story of a family with a light comedy style, warm story about love, down to earth humor through his earthly father, open-minded and love the warmth of circulation. By Zhang Liang, Dong Jie originated the bulk, Ma Chucheng true to the 80’s emotional state, is a generation of marriage and love view drawing. Zhang Liang Dong Jie, the two main characters of the show real delicate, completely fit in with the situation, every day God assists like a flying, full of wit and humour. "Dad’s 3 wedding" focused on digging out the hope behind despair, to find out the absurdity of love and truth. The film will formally meet with the national audience in December 9th.相关的主题文章: