The 17 year old actor was forced his girlfriend abortion, his agent replies… zhongguorentiyishu

The 17 year old actor was forced his girlfriend abortion, his agent replies… According to Ma Haodong Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, the mainland 17 network has a red horse Haodong handsome appearance, in August just signed up to become Gao Yuanyuan’s artist, has recently been surnamed Liu ex girlfriend broke the evil, were charged in the woman’s 6 months pregnant when the forced abortion, triggered an uproar. However, Ma Haodong’s agent in 22 days back, open several WeChat dialogue record, accused Liu female lies, both sides made into a Rashomon event each one sticks to his argument. A broker said, a very good start to Liu female impression, because the other side is a vigorously recommended, will decide to sign Ma Haodong for cultivation. Not expected, Liu suddenly informed "pregnant women in August 6 months, with Ma Haodong home for the money to pay for the expenses before and after abortion, from Ma took about 100 thousand yuan; in September, Liu Nv’s father sent a message to the broker, said her daughter in the postpartum period were Malaysia Haodong beaten, with an injury refers to the man, and also did not owe, require the company to repay the urge. Long hair agent (figure as part of the micro-blog counter long) after the incident, brokers contacted Liu female, the other on the phone crying long beaten, for Ma Haodong’s future has been trial. However, brokers Liu questioned at this time Nvxuan injury, motivation is very suspicious; then the horse Haodong account is stolen, being fake identity to borrow from relatives and friends; and the later outbreak, as long as the horse Haodong a statement, Liu Nv will respond quickly, quickly by micro-blog net friend forwarding sizzling, suspected the other is caused by the broker to staff, as a means to get money, completely destroyed the horse Haodong fame. Liu woman again back to micro-blog however, Haodong broker charges, Liu female 22 again on the counter at micro-blog, stressed that he was just a student, impossible to bribe money and manpower, she is very clear, the family was poor, could not take people 100 thousand yuan, heart complaint brokers "sullied", is not consistent with each other. Netizens are also divided into two different views, some people think that Ma Haodong let Liu female pregnancy is the fact that he condemned the young bully; others believe that Liu woman also has the responsibility to continue to receive all the hot topic.相关的主题文章: