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Vitality: Italy earthquake cat strong support for 16 days – Beijing, Beijing, September 11, according to foreign media reports, as the saying goes, a cat has 9 lives, it is more tenacious than other small animal, and contentment. Two cats, Peter and Georgina, proved it in the Italy earthquake. Two weeks after the devastating earthquake in central Italy, rescuers found two cats alive in the rubble. In the worst affected city of amatrice, firefighters rescued the first cat strong " " Peter. Another " cat strong " Georgina is the animal protectors on the same day, the nearby town of ilica houses rubble in the. Local time 8 days, Peter’s return to help amatrice, in order to retrieve some personal items, the master of Peter heard a small cat. After calling rescue workers to rescue the weak and dehydrated signs of Peter, had to be sent to hospital for treatment. Georgina’s owner died in the town of ilica earthquake. The couple’s daughters asked the animal protection organization to help search for 3 cats. Animal protection workers tried to appeal to Georgina with food and sound, and finally they heard the faint sound of Georgina. As a result, firefighters rescued very thin and dehydrated " cat strong two ". Just last week, a small village in Italy near amatrice " San Lorenzo a Flaviano " the rubble, rescue workers also rescued a dog named Romeo " strong ". After the earthquake, the only dog waiting to be saved in the rubble of a shelf below. At that time, Romeo was in the master’s house. To flee the area, the owners of Romeo a couple had to leave the village to safe area. In September 2nd, when the couple returned home, Romeo heard the voice of the master, so he began to call up. A fireman said, " at the sound, we immediately began to rescue, remove the top ruins. " the fireman then said, " it’s unbelievable, we found Romeo, and it’s in good shape. " local time on August 24th, the central region of Italy, more than 6 earthquake, killing at least 295 people were killed, the actual death toll may be higher, because there are still missing. Italy National Guard Team in Rome to attend a parliamentary hearing, said rescuers will continue to search for victims in the rubble.相关的主题文章: