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Ten white high speed due to road construction today until the end of the implementation of traffic control yesterday, reporters from the city police detachment Zhang Wan brigade was informed that due to the ten white highway interchange Zhang Wan Wang Jia Gou Bridge construction, from 10 onwards, the ten white highway sub time to implement traffic control. The specific control time and bypass scheme: October 10th 9 to November 7th 24, Wang Jia Gou River Bridge to the direction of Shiyan Bay interchange whole closed to Wuhan, Xi’an direction of the vehicle from the high-speed toll station in Zhang Wan, Zhang Wan toll station square outside the U-turn, by Zhang Wan high-speed toll booths. In November 8th 9 to December 28th 24, Wang Jia Gou Bridge to Shiyan River Interchange direction Zhangwan Demi closed, to the well-being of the direction of the vehicle from the White River, Zhang Wan high-speed toll station and toll station in the square outside the U-turn after Zhang Wan, Zhang Wan by high-speed toll booths. It is understood that, if rain weather or irresistible factors in the process of construction, traffic control time is postponed. Zhang Wan high police brigade reminder from ten white high-speed passing drivers please make travel plan in advance, as far as possible detour. Scavenging "big Chu Shiyan", to see more wonderful content!

十白高速因道路施工 今起至年底实施交通管制 昨日,记者从市高警支队张湾大队获悉,因十白高速公路张湾互通汪家沟中桥施工,从10日起,需对十白高速公路分时分段实施交通管制。具体管制时间和绕行方案为:10月10日9时至11月7日24时,白河至十堰方向张湾互通汪家沟中桥全幅封闭,往武汉、西安方向车辆从张湾收费站下高速,在张湾收费站外广场调头后,由张湾收费站上高速。11月8日9时至12月28日24时,十堰至白河方向张湾互通汪家沟中桥半幅封闭,往白河、安康方向车辆从张湾收费站下高速,在张湾收费站外广场调头后,由张湾收费站上高速。据了解,如施工过程中遇雨天或不可抗拒因素,交通管制时间顺延。张湾高警大队提醒,需要从十白高速过往的司机请提前做好出行方案,尽可能绕行。 扫码“大楚十堰”,查看更多精彩内容!相关的主题文章: