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Teach you how to achieve financial independence one hundred million is no longer a dream we are in the history of mankind’s most prosperous era. Compared with the past, more and more people have realized financial independence and become millionaires. Most start empty-handed millionaires and even billionaires are relying on the efforts of a generation of success. Their initial venture capital is very small, or even nothing, they are starting to earn from $1. The primary responsibility for yourself and the people you live with is to achieve financial independence and to no longer worry about money. In fact, through the efforts of a generation of beggars from the fact that the rich, fully demonstrated that you can do, but the premise is that you have to know how to do. Earning $1 million is much easier than many people think. If you start saving $100 a month from the age of 20, and save it until you are 65, and invest it in a well managed mutual fund in the U.S. stock market, your average annual yield is about $10.8%. At this rate, $100 a month is $1 million 200 thousand when you retire. So, why not everyone can become a millionaire in the start empty-handed occupation career? There are three main reasons. First, they thought it was impossible. They never figured out that if they wanted to, they would be successful. So they gave up before they started doing it. Second, even if they think this is possible, they will not make up their minds to make regular investments in their careers. They hope and intend to start, but they never make up their minds to act. Third, even if they are aware of this, they have made up their minds, but they are still delaying. They save and invest things dragged on, until it’s too late. From the viewpoint of probability, you are less likely to win the lottery, will not have distant relatives dying to leave you a fortune, will not pick up gold or in the stock market overnight. The only thing you can do to achieve financial independence is to invest your savings in January, year after year, until you stop worrying about money. Make sure that your financial values are the most important and powerful driving force in your life. They determine your financial preferences, your decisions and actions, as well as your emotions and reactions. They affect every decision you make in terms of income, savings and investment. The value of finance is an important driving force and decisive factor in everything you do with money. For most people, money means one of the highest values of human freedom. Money means that you have the kind of person you want to be, whatever you want to do, and the ability to buy things without worrying about the price. Freedom is a powerful driving force in the process of history. Is it your values? For some people, the value associated with money is security, independence, success, status, adventure and even love, especially the love and respect of others. What do you think of money?.相关的主题文章: