Targeting Social Media Markets After An Exhibition Or

Internet-Marketing With many businesses using social media for marketing campaigns, it can also be used after an exhibition to report on increases in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media market not mentioned. In 2012 there has been an increase of 80% in businesses using social media in an exhibition or event. We have .piled together a useful list of possible targets that you could use at your next event to be able to identify success utilising a social media campaign with your next exhibition. Social Media markets to target Every business will have different measures or targets for a social media campaign and what social media they wish to utilise for their exhibition, depending on the chosen audience. New members for Facebook, Twitter followers and incentives to encourage Targeting Facebook can be rewarding depending on the business and the campaign. Give out Facebook like us cards with your business details encouraging likes and friends to visit your profile page and share or spread your brand. As an incentive give 10% off next order or discounts for likes to encourage likes to your profile page. Create a business card with twitter on one side and Facebook on the reverse to give customers the option of which social media they wish to use. This can be reported on after the event to report and analyse which social media your .pany can use with success. Give out a flyer with like us today and guarantee a place in the monthly prize draw for example as an incentive, Follow us on Twitter to be added to our prize draw.( For example using Twitter). Building your brand with social media Reporting after the event is very powerful information; Did you receive an increase on likes on your Facebook profile and shares; Did your Twitter followers suddenly increase; YouTube page hits increased; LinkedIn connections increased; .pany Hashtag, retweets and .ments increase; The above are all options of testing each social media market and choosing which one is right to target your business marketing towards. Looking at the total reach of your brand Of the people that have interacted with your .pany, how many friends or connections do they have? This can be researched looking into detail of each persons profile and connections they have, after all it only takes a handful of people to spread your brand quickly and virally using social media markets. 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