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Tammy Chen Thailand today married American wife 7 months have registered Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Tammy Chen and the United States executive Xue Boren today in Thailand Chiang Mai Anantara Seminyak Resort & Spa (Anantara Chiang Mai Resort) married last night held a welcome dinner, Howard hit 12 million dollars (about 2 million 560 thousand yuan) to do overseas wedding Xue Boren slipped up leak 2 this year before the lunar new year in New York registration of marriage, Tammy Chen has been 7 months of "Xue too". Xue said Tammy Chen Boren games help, "she knew after the clinic turnover growth of 20%, monthly income of about 7 million (NT $1 million 490 thousand RMB)". Although the 2 registered in the United States, but did not sign a prenuptial agreement, he said: "if necessary, do not get married." Tammy Chen is the most busy bride, even to pack their own souvenir, a pure force devastated, faint texting in the mainland travel Xue Boren ultimatum, if not to go home to help, this marriage will not end up. Before she went to Thailand to be found within the Customs Baggage paint shell, a few days ago with a large number of souvenir to fly to Chiang Mai, suspected 80 boxes ready to send the guests a mask she sold too, detained, loss of 400 thousand (NT $85 thousand yuan), in addition to pay tariffs, a total of 430 thousand yuan (NT $about 91 thousand yuan). She sad said: "maybe I owe money not yet Thailand customs." Conclusion: "don’t try to get married overseas."." The groom was picked to underwear before Tammy Chen do crazy bachelor party, bed with new English first name A& from petals; T (Andy& Tammy), surprise her cheering: "this is the most touching other men can premarital physical opportunities!" Excluded from the party except Xue Boren, walk around the night market is bored, a group of people rushing picking his clothes, because Tammy Chen had pleaded, "please panties" escaped naked; he naughty downstairs splashing water, the wife caught Peter Ho Peggy. Xue Boren revealed that this year before the lunar new year had been registered in New York, so the dinner on New Year’s Eve Tammy Chen is in Changhua to eat xue. He said: "I propose for 3 times, not to register is not sincere, after the wedding day will be registered in taiwan." Xue can not remember the New York registration day, Tammy Chen can not remember, Xue Xiaota: Pisces memory, only 14 seconds." She has been hesitant to register in the United States, back to Taiwan to admit, but also said: "I have a wife!" Peter Ho urged living together the best man Tony Yang 5 points early in the morning of departure from Taipei, Cheryl and her boyfriend Ben flying in the afternoon arrived in Chiang Mai, asked whether she trainee wedding? She replied: "I’m not a student trainee. Why." Welcome to dinner at 6 last night in Thailand Chiang Mai resort in Anantara "The Service 1921" bar restaurant, building for a hundred years in Thai cuisine, monuments, well-known dishes, guests including Tony Yang, Cheryl and her boyfriend, bridesmaid the wife of Peter Ho, AK, Yung Hung, Jiang Li, Li Dylan Kuo, director Qu Youning, producer Wang Peihua and friends about 180 people. Peter Ho holding his wife Peggy best wishes: "today we hope next year.相关的主题文章: