Tammy Chen and her fiance to fly to Thailand on the 26 day Chiang Mai wedding pretty rhythm

Tammy Chen and her fiance flew to Thailand 26 held in Chiang Mai on the wedding of Tammy Chen and fiance Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, September 26th, Tammy Chen [micro-blog] and the United States executive Xue Boren wedding will be held in Thailand yesterday morning in Chiang Mai, she also attended the Eden foundation "wheelchair riding training activities, evening and fiance fit at Taoyuan airport, sweet start to get married. For the sake of simplicity, Tammy Chen decided the 1 pieces of white yarn to wear in the end, 180 guests and male employees by relatives and friends, showbiz guests as only the father of Tony Yang, Cheryl and Peter Ho Bridesmaid ceremony [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Yung Hung et al. Tammy Chen’s career in the last 2 days, yesterday revealed "a bit reluctant to part". She was busy preparing for marriage, sleep less than 6 hours a day, most want to do is sleep, the mood is calm. She smiled and said: "the wedding (agent Dai Tianyi) also references anxiety than me, but I have advised him to calm down." Preparations for the wedding to quarrel, Tammy Chen admitted that she and her fiance is inevitable, but there is a consensus, as the division of labor, Xue Boren is responsible for the hotel hardware, she arranged the guest invitation, and live in peace. Invited 180 people drink wedding Tammy Chen said, someone asked her, "what is Peter Ho’s wedding to improve? She reluctantly replied: "too many people." Because the new visitor was sent to the night more than 1 points. She married 26 days, has welcomed the lie 1 days before the day together, the wedding ceremony and dinner, with simple grand principle. 180 guests, Xue Boren hospital and her agents accounted for 50; the so-called "zero drinker", about 1 wet cotton swab can drunk. More than 6 points last night, the couple appeared Taoyuan Airport second terminal departure hall, 2 people get off their wheeled suitcase, Tammy Chen wearing sunglasses, wearing a vest and jeans and sneakers, Xue Boren is wearing a shirt with jeans, dress up very easily. How about 2 people before marriage? Tammy Chen said: "I’m fine, he’s nervous." Xue Boren quipped: "now I still Wanbi body, do not come back." As for whether there is something to say to each other? 2 people jokingly said, now I do not know what to say on the wedding, the usual has no words, and later into the control area boarding. After her boyfriend quasi peer Cheryl at least 5 times the bridesmaid experience, she and Tammy Chen for producer Wang Peihua matchmaking, we acquired will be Tammy Chen’s maid of honor. She will be in love with her new boyfriend Ben counterparts, quite probation flavor. She this year to a "green" for the Golden Bell award as the best, in order to attend to the body, the bride reported: "food to water, nor drink." A plaintive tone. Tammy Chen wedding trip starting in September 23rd after their new work during the day and night of September 24th to fly to Thailand to make preparations for the wedding guests Peter Ho couple and relatives and friends of the September 25th Welcome Party Welcome to lie at 5:30 in the evening, Cheryl and her boyfriend Ben bridesmaids Groomsmen counterparts, Tony Yang from Bangkok arrived in turn)相关的主题文章: