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Talk about the Hangzhou marathon two or three subway most open hangbangcai not miss Hangzhou marathon map favorite Lake eastbound inadequate, green Yang Yinli Baisha dike. Why only subway unimpeded, although there had been "accident 70 yards", most people in Hangzhou will exclaim "the car here, let pedestrians!" This shows that Hangzhou in soft traffic on doing well, but is too hard. Hangzhou city traffic congestion has been a city, the narrow road, numerous attractions and commercial centers have focused downtown, blocking the normal state, on the other hand, Hangzhou is also the home of private car ownership in the city is the highest, many cars meet half an hour are narrow, sometimes not move a step. So happy to Hangzhou, remember to take public transportation, it is difficult to take a taxi, called Uber by taking a single rate is very high (because many sections of one-way street), the best choice of subway. Especially after the marathon to the weekend dinner time, Hangzhou is really very congested. Don’t miss hangbangcai compared Wuxi Hangzhou dishes of sweet sweet, not so bored, but the distance of the newcomers, Hangzhou dishes taste is sweet. Hangzhou famous restaurant, from the reputation of the Lou Wailou Restaurant zhiweiguan, old man to the nature of the chain of fried shrimp, Green Tea, grandma, are worth a try. Hangzhou also has a marketplace such as cat ears, this piece of Sichuan pasta, and Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork Spring rolls, streets and lanes like most people love. Some people wondered why Hangzhou is located south of the "Sichuan area" with the sound of children’s name, and this year the Southern Song Dynasty moved the capital to bring the rumors about the northern accent. In short to Hangzhou, some dishes are must not be missed, Dongpo’s braised pork, Steamed Grass Carp in Vinegar Gravy, fried shrimp, fried hairtail, Maotai snails, Stir-fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea Leaves and Song Sao fish soup…… Most of these are recommended to enjoy after the marathon. Organizations need to progress, but also to make good sense of justice, the Hangzhou Marathon Organizing Committee in recent years has been in progress, but the quality of its own horse may not be worthy of the city and landscape standards. Some people ridiculed, the Taobao Alipay City Marathon can actually make such a cumbersome and inefficient registration system, the game will be ten days late released track roadmap… Wait。 Don’t look for the organizing committee to look at this year’s crop, Hangzhou marathon will produce what kind of an answer. There are a few points to remember, before the game to see more than the end of the race manual design, pay attention to the most appropriate choice before the game of transportation, to understand the supply point, will help enhance the game experience. How many horse track track Hangzhou is certainly one of the most beautiful track at home, on a cloudy day or a little more misty rain, more like a lot of people think of Hangzhou. Track several difficulties are: 13-15 km Fuxing Bridge and exhumation, many people will encounter the first physical bottleneck at this time; along the track of 20-30 km, moisture and wind are larger, endless is prone to leave the idea; 31 kilometers on the Qiantang River bridge ramp up and down the heart; 33-39 km long ramp – basically appear in the second half; not to be missed)相关的主题文章: