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Talk about the film "Pan Jinlian" McIlroy row piece: the market must – Sohu entertainment "Pan Jinlian" poster   Sohu; entertainment news at noon on November 18th, Feng Xiaogang issued an "open letter" from Pan Jinlian to Mr Wang Jianlin in the circle of friends and micro-blog, suspected rebuke movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" in Wanda suffered cold. Subsequently, Wang Sicong called Feng Xiaogang "pengci" back to the "talk show for work." In the face of Feng Xiaogang again, thinking to respond, said "thank you to reveal to the public cause". This war from the beginning of 18 noon, Huayi official, Fan Bingbing, who joined the battlefield. 18 PM, Wang Zhonglei also issued a document in micro-blog, Wanda, Huayi also refers to poaching. 18 evening, McIlroy television issued a document on Feng Xiaogang and Wanda storm, "said row piece problem that markets must very bad film audience say". The film McIlroy: arguably, "I am not Pan Jinlian" today released on the first day, we should dance for joy clapping and cheering, because the film has experienced several years of accumulation of too many people to the final show on the big screen. But today, a variety of complex sound has been winding, row piece problem that markets must very bad film audience say; "magical animal where" we not schedule any small film company to film bureau. There are media today asked McIlroy worried that guaranteed performance at the box office, we can firmly replied: confidence! All in all, just want to say that Pan Jinlian is a big guy with dedication to the audience of the sincerity of our Creator, today is still the Shenzhen run away forward and close interaction with the audience, as the voice of the audience is to listen, because we believe that the audience, the audience also believe the audience! Chinese film development is still a long way, we are willing to continue to learn in this way, grow up, just do not live up to a good movie! Jin Lianer, come on!   相关的主题文章: