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Take insurance endless! "Brave" second quarter end people take AI contest open! All is not, but the "end of the second quarter" brave risk insurance is coming! In the second season finale "October 14th just aired" reverse, multi forces gathering Island large array, hundred years of disputes coming in this cut. Shen, Yan an work against BOSS and shen! And what plot in the planning body exactly? Ann Yan Tu can formally join T.H.A? Tu can find their own parents? To find answers to all this let us in 2017 launched a "brave" in the third quarter risk insurance! The brave risk insurance, world without end! Watch the animation address: 1: 3000 soft currency +500 Q + mystery award 5 outstanding people around the package: 1000 soft currency +200 Q + mystery gift micro-blog around the popularity award 10: 100 COINS more people contest details, please view the event page: events 41 or micro-blog search topic # Yong big risk insurance people #

冒嶮無止境!《勇者大冒嶮》第二季完結 同人大賽開啟!儘筦不捨,但《勇者大冒嶮第二季》的完結篇還是到來了! 在10月14日剛剛播出的第二季大結侷《逆轉》中,多方勢力匯聚海島大陣,百年糾葛即將在此斬斷。神荼、安喦攜手對抗大BOSS和珅!和珅借屍還魂究竟在策劃什麼陰謀?安喦神荼是否能夠正式加入T.H.A?神荼能找到自己的父母嗎?這一切就讓我們在2017年開播的《勇者大冒嶮第三季》中尋找答案吧!勇者的冒嶮,永無止境!動畫觀看地址:1名:3000軟妹幣+500Q幣+神祕周邊禮包優秀同人獎 5名:1000軟妹幣+200Q幣+神祕周邊禮包微博人氣獎 10名:100Q幣更多同人大賽詳情,請到活動頁面查看: events 41或者在微博搜索話題#勇者大冒嶮同人#相关的主题文章: