Taiwan large hospitals to see the price to implement the classification of medical treatment-darren hayes

The Taiwan hospital to increase the implementation of the classification of medical original title: the island should limit the "minor illness on the hospital to see" expensive to limit the number of times reported [global] illness to the hospital to see, not only expensive may also be refused? For the implementation of medical grade, Taiwan Wei Fu Department is planning to launch a new policy — without referral to the hospital to rise, will also limit the number of underestimate disease of large hospitals. According to the "Taiwan Chinese times" reported on 13, the Taiwan Medical Association held 12 seminars, "Wei Fu minister Lin played Yan said on that day, many medical centers of outpatient and emergency department overcrowding, Taiwan medical grade needs to be strengthened. Ministry of health, proposed that from next year without referral to the medical center to see a doctor, outpatient part of the burden from the current 360 yuan rose to $420. Emergency triage 3 to 5 of patients with mild disease, from $450 to $550. Consider the night doctor inconvenience, 12 at night to 6 in the morning when the emergency, part of the burden remains 450 yuan. The overall estimate down, people will pay 1 billion yuan per year. Medical center, regional hospital if too many patients with mild illness, may also be punished in disguise. Lin played Yan said, the future of medical centers and regional hospital mild care services, shall not exceed 80% this year, and will strengthen the crackdown on part of the hospital with the traffic along the street, the passenger car showmanship behavior, but also encourage the hospital to see more severe illness, will arrange 6 billion yuan to pay the high standards of severe hospital. For the definition of mild disease, Taiwan, deputy director of the health insurance department, said Cai Shuling, upper respiratory tract infections, colds, general skin diseases or trauma, etc. are mild, but the detailed definition of the need to discuss. Taiwan Regional Hospital Association executive director Hou Mingfeng said, although the direction of medical grade, but the implementation of how to implement a problem, even if it’s just a cold, the patient felt very serious, to the hospital to see if people will be good, does not fundamentally change the treatment habits, it is difficult to implement the medical classification. Have a history of diabetes and Mr. Shen fixed to a medical center to see a doctor, "he China times" said, there are many complications of diabetes may, in his case, if the blurred vision may last night didn’t sleep well, may also be caused by diabetes eye disease, he was unable to determine that he is mild or severe. If the doctor is rejected, the progression of the disease, who should be responsible? (Wei Yunping) responsible editor: SN222相关的主题文章: