Survey shows that adolescent physiological problems in adolescence was a routine physical

Survey: adolescent physiological problems are "Beijing routine examination" missing in central broadcasting network Beijing on September 12th news (reporter Che Li) according to the China voice of the "national network news" reported that the Chinese Medical Doctor Association today released the survey results of healthy children and adolescents. Survey shows that the physical problems of adolescence were "routine physical examination" omission; children and adolescents physical examination content needs to be added. At present, China has 450 million children and adolescents is entering puberty, a survey of Chinese Medical Doctor Association Specialized Committee launched adolescent medicine, puberty should contain sexual development, growth and psychological development of three major development, but the problem was "puberty routine examination" is missing, and half of all children and adolescents have not received health examination reports with physician seal. Chinese Medical Doctor Association Specialized Committee in adolescent medicine chairman Wang said that the development of no privacy in the existing health examination environment, professional examination by professional doctors only in professional hospital, in order to truly find out whether sexual problems in development; Wang reminder, height can not see the surface state of "high false high". Through biological evaluation, medicine through measured bone age reflect the true height; in addition, in the process of puberty most have many psychological and behavioral problems, and health examination is often easy to ignore. Survey shows that since 1985, Chinese adolescents routine examination place is the school, primary and secondary health care auxiliary places, is now gradually transition to the hospital, but is not professional hospital and professional doctor. In Wang suggested that healthy children and adolescents need to add content, health and educational departments should be combined with health examination for children and adolescents: "I hope by the Department of education organization, the medical departments in the implementation, this is a more reasonable way. Now we believe that the pattern of primary and secondary health examination to primary and secondary school students to complete the health care, it is recommended that can be incorporated into the maternal and child health care system to coordinate the completion of the physical examination of children and adolescents."相关的主题文章: