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Survey: new network over 4 percent of respondents consider moving to a residence permit high gold content of the place in China Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Intern Zhou Cuifang Ching in first-tier cities, to get a residence permit, but also face the fierce competition in the integral. In contrast, the two or three line of the city settled loose policy. In recent years, many young people who have worked hard in the first tier cities or return home employment, or seek opportunities in other cities. Residence certificate and the convenience of the settled, whether it can become the conditions to attract these talents? China youth daily social investigation center through the network questionnaire, according to a survey of 2002 people, 45.3% of respondents said they would consider moving to a residence permit higher gold content, 27.9% of respondents answered not, 26.8% of respondents answered not to say. If you can not find a job in Beijing to solve the work of the account, I may take into account the high gold residence permit or points settled easier." Graduate School in Beijing, Xu Bin (a pseudonym) said that in the choice of employment, he first considered the area can solve the account, after all, step by step than waiting for the residence certificate points settled policy more secure". In Beijing, Chang Jinfei also said that if you can not stay in the first tier cities, he will consider the two or three line city. "Not necessarily back home, because the economic development there is not particularly good. I might consider Beijing or the eastern coast of the two or three cities." Chang Jinfei said that after leaving Beijing, whether to choose a city to settle for a long time, he did not want to good. "I hope I can go to several cities to see and choose the most suitable one. A residence permit may be more important for a young man like me". In Beijing, a company to do programming Mo Qi (a pseudonym), said she would not be the residence of the gold content of the standard to choose the city. At present, there are not too many public services and welfare projects related to residence permits, I will mainly consider the atmosphere of the city is not what they want". According to the State Council issued the "on further reform of the household registration system" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), to 2020, basically establish a new household registration system to adapt to a comprehensive well-off society, about 100 million agricultural efforts to achieve the transfer of population and other resident population settled in the town. The "opinions" of different scale city settled policy also gives guidance for the full liberalization of towns and small city settled restraints, orderly release medium-sized city settled restrictions, reasonably determine the city settled conditions, strictly control the large city population scale. Currently, in addition to the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, a number of second tier cities, the population size has exceeded 10 million, many three tier cities are also a population inflow. In accordance with the "opinions", the large city above mega city and urban resident population of 10 million urban resident population of 5 million to 10 million should be settled in system integration, big city urban resident population of 1 million to 5 million can also implement integral settled system. However, these cities also have an urgent need for the introduction of talent, the city should be based on how to determine the residence permit.相关的主题文章: