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Surface strongest team! Jay Chou J team can break into S6? LOL in the five year anniversary of the Asian Games, "gaming urchin" Jay Chou in the second game to take out his life of the hero Master, in the South Korean star team rounded out the blaze, a knife cut abruptly 20 heads. Although still regret lost to rivals, but our mentor Jay Chou performance was very happy, and share his latest game experience, the whole is cool. Since the endorsement of the LOL since Jay Chou has been set up with the household sector game endorsement models. Don’t know in time to see the LPL world finals ceremony Jay Chou have thought of his J TEAM, worried about LMS qualifying situation. The horn sounded LMS tickets last September 3rd, HKE, AHQ, M17 and J team to Taiwan division last World Finals tickets for launch. J team in this season, the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan events, stunning performance, the original spring is only the middle level of the game they seem to get second spring. In the League of heroes ESPN world rankings, was also listed as Top 10 team. In the summer season summer season regular season stride forward singing militant songs, won the first prize. Team is only 17 years old rookie FOFO for this season was the highest number of players Key Player. Former world champion AD Bebe, Morning on the road, playing wild Refra1n and auxiliary Jay has a large number of fans. In the finals of the siege were lightning wolves lost the first ticket to enter the S6, they need to be in the upcoming qualifiers even two. The dragon and in the wild new Wang fofo is the key according to the schedule, we Mrs J battle against M17, if no accident, it should be easy to get a. The next J team will encounter the previous HKE and AHQ among the winners, and they compete for admission. AHQ clan, the last World Championship on behalf of the Taiwan area to play, but also the last MSI invited. Single Simon, hand cards and small people of world order, not empty for the Taiwan king. Now AHQ, in the summer season is FW blitz wolf let two after three, the team the heart must be full of revenge, this season only into the S game, they have to face the lightning wolf in this season; HKE, Hongkong electronic sports teams. Is a combination of Hongkong and the Taiwan elite players gaming team occupation while HKES is a new team established less than 2 years, but it has repeatedly lightning sniper wolf. 15 years of the LMS summer season is the HKES playoffs, snatched the championship from the summer lightning wolf hands, but in the S5 qualification in the battle, the wolf clan and lightning successful 3 to 2 victory over HKES successfully got a ticket for the S5 finals. At the end of the S5, the team changed a lot of new players. For example, veteran veteran playing wild REFRA1N, only 17 year old single player FoFo. FoFo is a very talented young player, although his game experience is not enough, but his excellent support ability and team match?相关的主题文章: