Super eruption! By the love shy male singer Song Joong Ki facepalm several times k9084

Super eruption! A male singer was Song Joong Ki facepalm several times the love shy: Lu Daheng yesterday afternoon, "the Seoul Drama Awards 2016" in South Korea yeoido KBS building held slightly ~ several male god goddess attended yo ~ like a song for you: Nakamoto Song Joong Ki "face Meng forced expression: ha ha ha it laughable! You can directly do screenshot expression package ~ and Shen Xianjun, Girl’s Day member Minya: "please answer 1988" good German actor Li Huili Shin Min A: Hong Zongxuan Kong Xianzhu: [micro-blog] and so on in the Seoul Drama Awards, K.Will also sang "the sun descended" theme song "said what". Is the first whistle song ~ many people love here, to see friends to share live video, pay particular attention to 1 minutes and 32 seconds!   ha ha ha! Yo ~ song Ou SA Lang Song Joong Ki Pakistan is what reaction? Elmar, smile, cover face…… Put his hand down, his face red…… No, or shy…… Good sprout! Hear a boy to love can be like this, if you hear a group of girls to shout "Obama, I will give you monkey" (see Zhang Jike) can do…… In addition, congratulations on Song Zhongji prize! It seems that the first half of this year hit the "seed" the sun also began, "the harvest" tour yo ~ visual will have more awards accounted for! The Queen Mother’s fans and fans Song Zhongji, Song Hye Kyo fans, the harvest season is coming to a slightly ~ declaration: Sina exclusive articles, unauthorized reprint prohibited.相关的主题文章: