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Star Wars Book Series The Trilogy Series of Star Wars Book features a set of three most enthralling and powerful reads full of thrill and amazement. The book is written by a Malaika Bohizi, who is a brilliant writer. The three series are discussed below. 1- The Life of Zoya The Life of Zoya Zoya, a young girl in the kingdom, who would pass from that time and existence into another lifetime. During the Life of Zoya where she continues her life as born cursed and lying very far from her homelands. The trials and persecution, she faces are detailed in a self-writing book, which is a volume read only by a young Zulturion scribe.Further, Zoya’s story unfolds in jarring detail of her struggles and victories, depicting the fortitude of her delicate spirit, thereby showing how she overcame maltreatment to rise to stardom and success. Zoya was never meant for a lifetime on Earth, yet forsaken on that pla., where she struggled and survived. 2- A Wizard’s Tale A Wizards Tale Before the worlds were as we know them today, their two great and powerful wizards ruled the galaxies together. On reaching at their epic heights of power, they were lauded and feared, loved and hated, and blessed and despised by all. Both of them ruled and created, enlivened and destroyed.But within their solid friendship and trust came divisions, and like the tiniest fissures in a mammoth stone, cracked divisions crevices expanded and widened. That which was a tiny line between them, now became a rift. All the worlds lay helpless, thus witnessing the greatest human divide to ever exist. The suffering of the twin powers of vengeance.And at the epitome of powerful heights, no roads lead up, but all turn down. 3- The After Worlds Mankind’s fascination with death and the afterlife is as old as birth. It is even before the pyramids and the earliest thoughts on reincarnation, where, The After Worlds existed.Well, now that glimpse of possible life after death is more than merely hints and mists of speculation. Its time to Pull back the veil of the future and take a closer look at what awaits in the afterlife. The Star Wars talk about fascinating things of the universe and fights between the warriors, living in the outer imaginary world and the gods of afterlife. The Star Wars Book is an exceptional read which enthrals the passion of pure science fiction, fascination, imaginings and lets the readers get surrounded in the OUTER WORLD passion. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: