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Spielberg: I came to Chinese and Ma are aliens, people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title: Spielberg and I are all aliens Ma Spielberg (left) and Ma Spielberg dialogue with "Jaws" "E.T." "Jurassic Park" aliens and other classic one of the world’s highest grossing film the director, and he is one of the most influential film master China fans. Yesterday afternoon, the movie master came to Chinese, Alibaba and Amblin Partners appeared in the film a strategic cooperation conference, and launched a movie and the western culture peak dialogue with Ma, Spielberg ridicule said he and Ma are the eyes of others "alien". Believe that in the field of film machine can not be replaced by Spielberg, this time in China, is to announce he founded and served as chairman of the Hollywood film company Amblin Partners and Ma Yun Ali pictures will conduct in-depth long-term cooperation. Ali pictures will become one of Amblin Partners’s strategic shareholder, Spielberg promised to bring entertainment content better to Chinese and audiences around the world. Why choose cooperation and Alibaba pictures, Spielberg said that this is because he and ma have a lot in common. "I know a lot of people in China are called Jack Ma, and I have taken a lot of alien theme of the film, but also often because of some unusual ideas, was regarded as alien." Spielberg and Ma also talked about the development of technology. They all agree that with the development of technology, the machine will surpass the human ability in some way in the future, but it can not replace the role of human beings in the field of film. Spielberg said: "we put people together through the film, beyond the culture, beyond the language, at this point, the machine can not do." Young people should encourage China bold dreams in the movie and commercial areas, and Ma Spielberg has made remarkable achievements, two of them by many young people as the goal, they also yesterday for the young people to confide, gives his own advice. Spielberg said that when he decided to enter the film industry, a lot of people say no, he was rejected everywhere, but he never gave up his dream of a movie. "A lot of young people ask me how to become a director or to be a writer, and I will tell them that they shouldn’t ask such questions. If you have a dream, you will find a way." Spielberg said. Ma Yun suggested that young people should learn to make their own judgments, not blindly follow the views of others. It is worth mentioning that, in October 14th, directed by Spielberg’s fantasy film "dream giant" coming in Chinese release, film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s best-selling novel "global? BFG". The film is not only pictures of Ali teamed up with Spielberg after the first to bring the audience Chinese large, is also the director Spielberg in five years to return to the representative of commercial films. (Zheng Wenjing) (commissioning editor: Zhang Yan)相关的主题文章: