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"Speed" rescue Jin Dachuan Melody Kenneth Fok – Venus entertainment Sohu become the number one miser was Tucao nosy Sohu entertainment news on Friday night, Shenzhen TV’s "golden" sister chat speed then the file was just ending the "Amazing Race" in season third, behind the scenes exposed a lot of wonderful tidbits, Venus is on the spot turned matchmaker for Jin Dachuan and Melody matchmaker. 22:30 tonight, Shenzhen satellite TV "golden" second speed sister chat about landing video Sohu, full value has always been Tucao energy of Venus has suffered far worse than she broke the news behind the group, even Tucao nosy, but always stay adorable and funny courtly and gentle Kenneth Fok was the number one "miser", a speed behind the scenes broke what will put what group of big move? The four highlights of the program!     Venus in "the amazing race" behind the scenes broke the regiment was Tucao: meddlesome always sharp tongued sister Kim, tonight with "the amazing race third season behind the group broke the accidentaly across. Both sides debate you come to me, known as the "speed Tucao king" also broke the group’s strength is Venus Tucao, revealed "meddlesome", often in the game process, spontaneously give their "self", his task is not finished, he was busy to worry about the guests of the task progress, even with the film director bluntly "read", could not help remind in the speed trip: "elder sister, but in this game." Kenneth Fok became the number one big contrast speed miser Kenneth Fok was Tucao become the number one miser "the amazing race third season has ended, but the eight group of guests gave us a deep impression. When asked about the "who" is the greatest contrast when the team behind the staff almost by common consent shouted the name "Kenneth Fok". "Honey," the wife strength pet "double burst table taking brain play", "funny adorable connotation", these are Kenneth Fok attributes obviously in the program, but through the "speed" summarizes the golden sister chat, Kenneth Fok is the number one moneygrubber speed". Exactly what Kim sister exposed Mengliao, why Kenneth Fok has such a title? Tonight’s show will give you an answer. The double sister Kim was "behind" or rotary suspicions surfaced again "double" back in Barcelona was turning suspicion stage, Zhang Zhehan and Zhang Sifan are turning be caught off guard. In spite of this, but with the brothers fight, spare no effort to catch up, even once to catch up with the other group of guests. Tonight, Kim sister site "FAQ", as we uncover rotary suspicions. Originally, was "the first wave of The early bird catches, open secret, quickly set up speed alliance, make double brother Zhang not to lock the target," already have enemies in front and rear, be taken by surprise. Who is the key link for the rotary, uncover the truth tonight. Jin Dachuan staged a hero to save the United States and Melody suspected false love gold Okawa Melody staged a hero to save the United States last week, Venus turned speed "matchmaker", as Jin Dachuan and Melody matchmaking site, the sweet smell. And tonight, two people on the planet "selected", as the speed.相关的主题文章: