Spanish analysis limited strength defensive intensity Leganes – Sohu winpm

Spanish analysis: limited strength no efforts in defense of Eli Gane J Eli Gane J vs – Sohu Royal Society 2016-2017 tenth round of La Liga time: 2016-10-29 Saturday 2:45 Liverpol handicap: 0.98 tied 0.95 average odds: 2.74 3.11 2.67 [1] the score data Eli Gane J is struggling in spain. They are newly promoted this season. Eli Gane J is currently in the fourteenth place, looks good, but now the score is only 10 points. 2 the number of goals is now Leganes 17, ranked in the bottom sixth. They lost 3 points to Eli Gane J at home last season, with a loss of more than 1 to Barcelona in the last 2 to 5. 3 the Royal Society is now 13 points, they ranked in the league’s top seventh. The current results are 4 wins, 1 draws and 4 losses. Away from the recent basic defeat. The 4 Royal Society in the recent away defensive vulnerability is relatively large, 2 to 3 loss to Bilbao, there are 0 than 2 defeat to Ewald, there are more than 2 sheets. [analysis] Europe Asia bets the match victory level and win the basic difference. Gambling company has no bias towards the game. From the point of view of gambling, this game is recommended to circumvent the author. As a result of the draw of the Kelly index is relatively high, the color of the choice to go two better, while the Asian disk recommended to choose a big ball. Asian plate recommended: big ball 2.5 color recommended: 03相关的主题文章: