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Smoking doesn’t talk about hygiene! What are the characteristics of a woman with a bad girl? The girls in anime are always soft and sprouting. They seem to be born with charming fragrance. However, some girls are just the opposite. They feel innate with bad smell. So what are the characteristics of men who always feel smelly on their faces? Recently, the Japanese media have conducted a survey. – "do not pay attention to hair messy hair, matted hair girl." (37 year old construction technician) "the hair is very long and do not love my sister." (37 IT technician) – smoking smoking woman ". Both men and women, I think people who smoke just smoke are stinking. " (a 37 year old retail store) "another girl who smokes and drinks coffee." (29 year old construction technology officer) dressed tide "- dressed tide girl. Because their perfume will be very choking. " (30 year old medical doctor) "dressed the girl, perfume and cosmetics smell makes people crazy." (29 · private school; education salesman) – "winter boots always wear boots girl. Her feet are absolutely stinky. " (34 year old precision instrument technician) "love the girl in boots." (36 automobile salesman) – love health "if appearance are not neat, visceral certainly more dirty." (34 year old agriculture, forestry and aquatic products) "no cleaning sister, her room must be very dirty and stinky." (30 year old financial securities special) Click to download Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

抽煙不講衛生!男性覺得身上帶臭氣的妹子有哪些特征?動漫中的妹子總是又軟又萌,她們身上似乎天生就充滿了迷人的香氣,然而有些妹子卻恰恰相反,讓人覺得天生就帶著臭味,那麼男性覺得身上總是帶著臭氣的妹子都有哪些特征呢?近日,日本媒體對此進行了調查。■頭發亂糟糟“不注意頭發,頭發亂蓬蓬的妹子。”(37歲 建築業 技朮員)“頭發很長還不愛打理的妹子。”(37歲 IT業 技朮員)■抽煙“抽煙的妹子。無論男女,我都覺得只要抽煙的人就很臭。”(37歲 零售店 其他)“又抽煙又喝咖啡的妹子。”(29歲 建築業 技朮員)■打扮得很潮“打扮得很潮的妹子。因為她們的香水會很嗆人。”(30歲 醫療業 醫生)“打扮得花枝招展的妹子,香水味和化妝品的味道讓人很受不了。”(29歲 壆校·教育 推銷員)■穿長靴“冬天總是穿著長靴的妹子。她的腳絕對很臭。”(34歲 精密儀器 技朮員)“愛穿長靴的妹子。”(36歲 汽車業 推銷員)■不愛衛生“如果外表都不打理整齊,內髒肯定更髒。”(34歲 農林水產 其他)“不打掃衛生的妹子,她的房間肯定很髒很臭。”(30歲 金融証券 專門職)點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: