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Were many of us familiar with the traditional Gas Barbecue where food is cooked on the grill over hot coals. When youre looking for a little something slightly different, both in the cooking practice and taste, you might want to consider a smoker. Smokers have grown to be more popular then ever together with a number of models available. Making a distinctive smoked taste, the textures and flavours created by smoking are usually different to conventional bbqs. Smokers are especially good for smoking food for instance cheese, a multitude of fish, particular cuts of beef, bacon, ham and also sausages. In case you are weighing up if you should invest in a conventional barbeque or maybe a smoker, weve pointed out a number of the pluses and minuses associated with smokers listed below. However, lets examine just what smoking is and just how smokers work. What is smoking? Smoking is actually a cooking process employed for flavouring, cooking or perhaps preserving food in smoke. The actual smoke is normally created by burning up wood and traditionally smoking was done by farmers and huntsmen inside a engineered building termed as a smokehouse. Smoking provided a useful method to preserve meat and fish in the days prior to refrigeration. There are two main options for smoking food – cold smoking and also hot smoking. Cold smoking is actually performed at temperatures below 100F and does not cook food however gives it a smoky flavour. This system can be used with regard to giving food a smoked flavour before cooking it using another method such as baking, grilling or even roasting. Hot smoking supplies and smoke so that you can both equally flavour as well as cook the food simultaneously with temperatures of around 165F to 185F. As soon as smoked using this method, the food is prepared to eat. What exactly is smoker? For most of us it wouldnt be practical to build a full-size smokehouse inside our back garden but thankfully, we can obtain the smokehouse experience although on a smaller , utilizing a household smoker. The smoker is actually a device used for preparing food inside a smoky atmosphere. Unlike a traditional Gas Barbecue which is built to allow the smoke to get away, a smoker incorporates a cover that contains the smoke exactly where it is used to flavour and cook the food. The actual smoking procedure varies a little from model to model but generally the smoke is created utilizing wood chips and also wood pellets plus a smoke generator. Diverse flavours may be accomplished utilizing different types of wood pellet – for example maple or hickory. Advantages and Disadvantages of a smoker No matter if you choose a smoker or a Gas Barbeque will depend with your own personal taste and how frequently you like to love smoked foods. Below are a few things to take into account: Benefits of a smoker Adaptability: But the primary purpose connected with smokers is to smoke food, many can be tailored in order to smoke in alternative methods barbecuing, roasting and steaming. So you might find that choosing a smoker will give you all you will need from the traditional bbq but with the added capability of having the ability to smoke food easily too. Simplicity of use: In the event that youd choose to be chatting to your guests, or soaking in the sun as opposed to toiling over a hot barbecue, then a smoker might be an excellent alternative. Once youve got the process under way, you may leave your smoker to get on with cooking the food without needing to continuouslyfrequently tend to it. Texture: Food cooked inside of a smoker is frequently tenderer compared to food cooked on a Charcoal Barbeque. This is due to the slow method by which the meat is cooked. Because the food isnt susceptible to burning, its likely to be more succulent. Wellness: If smoking food you dont need to include oil to avoid it adhering to the grill, so you can cook dinner without adding extra fat to the food. Disadvantages of a smoker Price: Conventional bbqs can be found in many different shapes and sizes and when youre on a budget its possible to pick one up at low costs. Smokers tend to be more specialised and for that reason tend to be more costly. Time: Smoking food takes time and therefore if you are in a hurry or need quick results then a smoker is probably isnt the best choice for you. Taste: Some individuals discover that food prepared in a smoker may take on asome sort of bitter or chemical taste. This usually takes place when the smoker is new and may be overcomer by curing the smoker prior to using it to cook. What this means is allowing it to smoke with no food the very first time you make use of it. Smoked food isnt to everyones taste, so purchasing a smoker a great idea should you and your family really like smoked food however, if you are planning to use it for entertaining, many times that some of your guests would rather traditional bbq flavours. Alternative to a smoker If you’d like to have the taste of smoked food from time to time without getting a smoker, you can replicate the smoking method on a traditional barbecue so long as it has a lid. The actual smoky flavor wont be as distinctive as using a smoker nevertheless, you can nevertheless get great results. This method creates a smoky within the bbq using wood chips. First saturate a large handful of wood chips in water for 30 minutes then drain. Next take a big square of tinfoil put the wood chips in the centre. Produce a pouch simply by folding the tinfoil over the wood chips. Next punch around 10 small holes into the pouch to allow the smoke to escape. 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