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SMG can also in the 12 million 550 thousand grand prize? Shaanxi God makeup collar Award – Sohu to super SMG SMG season surprises, sent millions of awards for shennongxi lottery! The morning of October 24th, Mr. Zhao came to the provincial sports lottery center Duijiang, accompanying him up and out of the awarding of the award of the Hanzhoung 90002 lottery network owners Lei Fei.   winning lottery, according to Mr. Zhao introduced, he is Jiangxi, because of love football, often with some like-minded friends to buy lottery. October 22nd, Mr. Zhao and some friends after the study, selected the 8 match of the evening of SMG, betting on 9 through 8, 8, 8 and 56 on 28 on 8 on 70 of the four bet, as long as there are four winners can be guaranteed, if more, you can get rich profit. Finally, Mr. Zhao with 28 thousand stake, harvest 12 million 550 thousand yuan lottery awards, which is the highest award in Shaanxi this year. The color out of the.   Li Changjun, director of the provincial sports lottery center as the grand prize winner Award (by picture processing) award, Mr. Zhao is also different with other people, he repeatedly said it would not need to "armed", with only a mask has accepted an interview with reporters, during the interview, Mr. Zhao said love SMG game because the football competition the color and number lottery, in addition to luck factors, more emphasis on the analysis of the team, so it is the real "outwit". Farewell, Mr. Zhao said, hope to be able to come to Shaanxi this piece of Feng Shui, with feelings and share with you the joy of smg. At present, the "super SMG season continues, NBA unveiled the SMG can bring more betting games, regular season, SMG basketball size, let the defeat two ways will select some focus events on sale single fixed prize, single game difference is still on sale in all competitions, can continue to enjoy the" 2 1 "simple winning. Love the basket of friends do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful events, enjoy a sumptuous basket of colorful meals.相关的主题文章: