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Small self robbery: Prison food Tanmou was brought back to the police station investigation of Chongqing evening news   someone out of jail lies, but you’ve seen to go to prison to lie? Recently, Dazu district had an unemployment guy want to live in prison, self direction of a robbery. 17, 4 pm, Dazu district police received a man police said they robbed the money, are now ready to surrender. East Gate police station, the police quickly rushed to the riverside road near. "Last night I get the money, this is what I use." Guy said while handing over a dagger. Due to the nature of the case, the police when the guy back to the police station. Guy surnamed Tan, 25 years old, three drive town Dazu district. He surveyed said on the 16 day he had no money to eat all day, about 11:30 that night in Dazu District Pedestrian Street Lane, with a knife robbed a woman, grabbed the cash 100 yuan. Robbed woman is young, wearing a fur coat, Hair Coloring. Qinmou for clear, detailed description of the case. After investigation, the incident that day and the next day have not received similar alarm, robbery "the malignant cases, the vast majority of the victims will be the first time the alarm." The police feel very strange, of course, also made a reasonable speculation: "it is not robbed of cash is not much, the parties did not hurt, so give up alarm." Police identified the Tanmou drug use behavior, and the spirit of the normal. After investigation, Tanmou actively led the police identify the location, and repeatedly asked what time can be sent to prison, which makes the police feel some wrong. The police then communicate with Tanmou patient, Tanmou finally admitted that the robbery is fictional, the purpose is to find a foothold in prison. The police investigation that Tanmou in Chongqing last year when a company worker, working too hard, recently quit his job back in dazu. He also found a job in an advertising company, because the boss did not appreciate, was dismissed soon. Can not afford the cost of living, Tanmou had to open the money at home. "He usually lazy thoughts are used to play games online, where will do a good job?" For Qinmou, parents are unhappy. The day of the incident, Tanmou in the home and family yiyanbuge Naoqi contradiction, finally left home. Tanmou Dazu came nowhere to go, to find a place of mixed food, even self direction of a robbery. Understand the truth, the police Tanmou Baojia behavior given a severe criticism and education. After enlighten, guarantee Tanmou write, promised to face life. At present, Tanmou accompanied by his family had returned home. Chongqing evening news chief reporter Xia Xiangzhou     the police for map editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: