[small] moral world Yan’er is love the filial piety girl moved Chinese 9c8814

[small] moral world Yan’er is love the filial piety girl moved Chinese "Chinese most beautiful boy filial piety, filial love the old pro model" and "moral model", "the virtues of youth"…… Behind these "first name", is Pubei County of Qinzhou City, pingmu town to be an ordinary ordinary rural girl — Liang Yan. She has the story of what she has so many awards, what is behind the spirit is worth learning? The answer lies in the micro film "the great mountain Yan". (Pubei girl Liang Yan (Pubei filial piety) girl Liang Yan) "mountain small Yan" adapted from the true story of the filial love the old pro model figure of Liang Yan, with the art to restore a rural girl face the fate of "filial piety", in order to support the course of their life values. The beginning of the film, is the Guangxi Pubei inexhaustible mountain, a newspaper described Pro Tu folk songs around it, pointing out the theme of the film instantly. Then, the scene cuts to black and white, in the past, in the August 1998 rainy night, a baby was abandoned, and that’s the day, pingmu village a bachelor Liang Xianjiang has a daughter, that is the story of the protagonist, Liang Yan. Despite the difficult conditions, but little Liang Yan in father’s careful care is still growing under the light of heart from care. But because of lumbar problems good times don’t last long, father, can not do heavy work, and even paralysis. Young Liang Yan to take up the responsibility of the family, get up at 5 every day, cooking, father body wash pour down the urine feces, fetching water and firewood, and then go to school at noon, in order to take care of the sick father, and get back home from school for father cook then fed back to the school, in order to Liang Yan also learned to earn money to prepare all kinds of bamboo products, pick to town to sell, only to buy a good father, her body. The weather is unpredictable, because father stroke coma, the most critical illness in seven days, Liang Yan closely, took good care of her. After waking up, Liang Xianjiang saw the child so hard work, in order not to drag the little Liang Yan, her father told her true story, let her back to her mother’s arms, but stubborn little Liang Yan refused to acknowledge him, to which a father, as in the past to take care of her old dad "ah".相关的主题文章: