Sino Vietnamese border forces to jointly patrol the border to combat illegal trafficking and smuggli-running man20130526

The Sino Vietnamese border troops held border joint patrols to combat illegal trade in Beijing smuggling – recently, China and Vietnam border troops held joint border patrols on foot, mixed mode, the implementation of a foot patrol between Chinese and Vietnamese land boundary marker 260 to 262 marker on the border. Is located in Malipo County of Yunnan Prefecture of Wenshan Province, the China Vietnam land boundary marker 260, and Vietnam in the river Shenghe River adjacent city. Before the patrol, the two sides held a joint meeting of the interim patrol. A joint patrol temporary meeting is an important work force before the joint patrols the border between the two countries, mainly introduced the patrol members, informed of the recent border controls, to exchange views on the border issues and joint control measures, and the implementation of a joint patrol program to supplement. At 9 o’clock in the morning, a joint patrol unit to No. 260 pillar as a starting point, along the Sino Vietnamese land boundary line began to perform the task. The joint patrol by the two sides of the 10 officers, mixed search, command, preparation, to protect the four group. In the past 3 hours, the two sides jointly inspect personnel along the border, border crossings and boundary pillar and boundary markers to. Chinese joint patrol team captain Wu Shunquan: the joint patrol is based on the Sino Vietnamese border land lot fourth border talks on behalf of the consensus reached to combat illegal trafficking smuggling. By means of this patrol, we can enhance the coordination and cooperation between the two sides in the border defense work, and help to maintain the security and stability of the border areas.相关的主题文章: