Sichuan — strengthen the Health Channel – impoverished county Yaoxie

Sichuan — strengthen the Health Channel – original title: Sichuan county poverty Yaoxie supply strengthen poverty county Yaoxie supply recently, the Sichuan provincial health and Family Planning Commission issued "on Further Strengthening the management of the notice" 88 impoverished county medical institutions medical supply and procurement, will be presented in the 502 kinds of basic drugs based on the provisions of the state, the additional 305 drugs into basic essential drugs rational use of the scope of examination. "Notice" is proposed, allowing the removal of village health outside other primary health care institutions, medical insurance from a drug reimbursement list within a reasonable selection with the use of a certain number of drugs, among them, the community health service centers, procurement centers of township hospitals outside the essential medicines list of Medicare drug drug accounted for the proportion of the total amount of not more than 40% of the community health service the general township hospitals, the station shall not be higher than 35%. In the medical device supply process, principle of emergency medicine distribution does not exceed 8 hours, the general drug distribution does not exceed 48 hours. Holiday as usual distribution. In order to reasonably control the cost of the basic medical and health institutions in principle one month to the distribution of orders issued by the enterprise shall not exceed 3 times, can be carried out in rural integrated distribution. "Notice" stressed that the use of procurement standards, the corresponding city (state) and county (city, district) is mainly responsible for health administrative departments and medical institutions will be interviewed. Continuous was interviewed two times, will be the province’s criticism, and deduct the relevant city (state) Health Commission annual assessment score, cancel the medical and health institutions in advanced selection and suspension of accreditation Qualification Access qualification. If the circumstances are serious, the person in charge shall be removed from office. Due to breach of contract, effect of clinical use of medical and health institutions in poor areas production enterprises, in accordance with the relevant provisions severely and promptly processed. (special correspondent Hu Liping) (Juan Xu Xinyi, commissioning editor: right)相关的主题文章: