Sichuan guy spent 8 million to buy the retired aircraft does not want to be known, nouveau riche

Sichuan guy spent 8 million to buy the retired aircraft does not want to be known, two rich generation – nouveau riche Beijing recently, a small group of Sichuan spend about $8 million from the United States bought a Boeing 737-300 aircraft, the aircraft in the United States after the demolition transported by ship to Shanghai, and then after the trailer will be shipped to Beijing from aircraft parts. Currently, the aircraft is being assembled in Beijing transformation, around November 15th, the aircraft will be transported to Sichuan, the subsequent transformation of the Guanghan, the installation of flight simulation system, etc.. Ning Ning team to buy the aircraft, the aircraft will be transformed with the completion of the aviation theme park, opening up. Spend $8 million to buy the United States to buy the retired aircraft Boeing plane Ning from Sichuan, Guanghan, 30 years old this year. According to Mr. Ning, the company’s project manager Li Kai introduced, Mr. Ning because you want to build an Aviation Museum, so you need to buy aircraft. Li Kai said, at the beginning of the intention of Mr. Ning intends to buy in the country, but because the domestic aircraft belonging to state-owned assets, the procedure is very complex, may be a process down more than half a year, so it is looking for other resources." Subsequently, Mr. Ning and the team contacted the other responsible for the sale of the aircraft company, and consider the United States, France and other countries to buy retired aircraft. Eventually, Mr. Ning phase of a retired Boeing 737-300 aircraft, the aircraft itself 3 million yuan, if coupled with the transport and subsequent renovation and decoration costs, a total of about $8 million will be spent. Li Kai, Ning to buy aircraft types in the selection, the main consideration is the related issues of space and cost for subsequent transformation, for the purchase of aircraft, Mr. Ning in June this year to the United States to visit, stay in the United States for about half a month. "Mainly looked at Boeing and Airbus, Douglas also has a look, because the follow-up to build a simulation system, taking into account the needs of the space is relatively large, and the comprehensive cost considerations, the final selection of the plane." The plane was removed by returnee according to local media reports, Mr. Ning of the aircraft with a wingspan of 28.9 meters, the length of 33.4 meters, height of 4.01 meters, about 45 tons. According to information provided by the United States, the aircraft in 1973, the factory, serving 17714 hours, had been used as the U.S. Air Force navigation training. Li Kai introduced, after the purchase of the aircraft, the plane to fly back to ask, but for aircraft engines and Avionics were removed, and fly back to consider the airspace management and other issues, so give up. "We also wanted to ship the whole plane back, but the cost is too high, and later decided to remove the container shipping back." Mr. Ning’s team selected a Beijing company to take charge of the transport and transformation of the aircraft. In September 26th, the aircraft was disassembled from Arizona is to ship, arrived in Shanghai on October 22nd, which lasted more than a month after. Subsequently, aircraft parts and 8 are loaded into the trailer, shipped to Beijing for assembly. October 25th, the plane arrived in Beijing, began assembling. Li Kai said that they will be around November 15th, will split the plane back to Guanghan in succession. The buyer was a flying cadet Bi Lin相关的主题文章: