Short video by mobile Internet ” tuyere ” take off commercial realization prospects remonstrate

Short video by mobile Internet " tuyere " take off   commercial realization prospects? – media – People’s original title: short video: by the air to take off a user through the phone to browse today’s headlines on the platform of the network health science short video column, health information agency. Photo by Li Boxi bright picture guest Ma Changbo see media founder and CEO, the original one read media CEO, editor in chief of the Wei Wu Hui new media observer, Shanghai Jiao Tong University professor Zhang Nan responsible for today’s headlines video host Guangming reporter Guo Jia with the popularity of mobile intelligent terminal and the continuous improvement of mobile network environment, mobile video is becoming more and more people the content of consumption habits. At the beginning of the year, a short video App concentrated outbreak, February App short video quickly exceeded 300 million users, then March "Papi sauce" received 12 million yuan huge financing. In September 20th, today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming announced that next year at least 1 billion yuan subsidy short video creator. In recent years, China’s media market is a compelling phenomenon, many well-known media people turn to the short video industry entrepreneurship. Such as "the Bund pictorial" editor Xu Husheng, founder of vertical short video platform "one", become the first domestic number of fans of the original breakthrough million people; "Sanlian Life Weekly" former deputy editor of Miao Wei introduced the "characterization of video"; surging CEO before Qiu Bing left business "pear video"; one reading media CEO Ma Changbo founded the "knowledge explanation" for the label "see" etc.. Short video once again attention, can borrow wind dance? Commercial prospects for the realization of how? In response to this topic, the special edition invited three industry insiders Ma Changbo, Wei Wu swing, and discuss together with Zhang Nanlai. Short video consumer demand is being stimulated reporter: now the industry to become a short video content business outlet high voice, but truly like "one" and "one read" Papi "sauce" so rarely, so many people questioned the short video entrepreneurs in the end is true wind "or" stuff "? Wei Wu Hui: I am very optimistic about a short video, because now the graphic supply is too large, but also serious homogenization, and short video production to the higher threshold, and more communication and expressive power, is more suitable for the use of fragmented time to watch; two is due to the popularity of 4G network and WiFi the Chinese users come to accept the need to play a short video bandwidth, consumer demand is being stimulated. Zhang Nan: compared to the content of the text, the video content is a more complete information unit, the creators want to convey the message more three-dimensional, more intuitive to convey to the audience. There are a few examples on the top of the list can explain the arrival of short video golden period. The first one is called "Kun brother play flower", "brother Kun was a reporter Chinese flower", he was planting flowers teaching video headlines in 2, upload length to 4 minutes, now has a total of 7 million 650 thousand people watched the video. The second is the headlines "MakerBeta", located in the science and technology of manual video. A)相关的主题文章: