Shi Xiaolong and Wowkie Zhang are a routine! Lose weight as

Shi Xiaolong and Wowkie Zhang are a routine! As the cosmetic weight loss: the elephant Shi Xiaolong photo, a little cute ah! Turn to him before in a variety of photographs, was to steal the spotlight! Kung Fu boys are still very popular with girls like! I remember before he had such a set of dress photos, to tell the truth, is very handsome! Shi Xiaolong is a little different from the impression! Because before Shi Xiaolong is pretty… Fat! And now the face is not the same! Contrast can be found, it is really thin a lot! Fat is not good to take care of themselves, no matter what hairstyle looks strange! Anyway, it’s a bit like your more than and 20 year old actor! But fortunately, people lose weight! It’s still a male god! Shi Xiaolong and Wowkie Zhang are the same! Lose weight as cosmetic! Big teacher this time is thin! Once let a person shine! Wear a shirt, hand to pocket a plug, huh! There is handsome to oh! Especially after the big teacher abandoned his non mainstream hairstyle, the whole person’s temperament in up! Up! Once the big teacher or so… When moving, like a flying plump flower.. Butterfly? Or that sentence, as cosmetic weight loss! This sentence to everyone, also said to myself! Because I’m fucking evening, do not live up to eat a fried chicken meal!!! Oh, my god!!! Sweep the following two-dimensional code or add my name by micro-blog, looking for me to play ah!相关的主题文章: