Shenzhen Coach Liaoning to learn the main fact to grasp the opportunity (video)

Shenzhen Coach: Liaoning to grasp the opportunity to learn the main AHAO Shenzhen coach said against Liaoning to learn the main Tencent in November 9th Shenzhen sports news (reporter Chen Yueze) Beijing time on November 9th, Shenzhen men’s basketball team will face the strength of the Liaoning men’s basketball team in the home court. Former Shenzhen coach Wang Jianjun said in an interview, Liaoning is a strong team, in the fight against them, I hope their team do not have too many ideas. Liaoning has always been a traditional team, as we still hold the purpose of the fight, learning attitude to look at the ball. Do not have too many ideas, mainly to play out their own characteristics." When it comes to tonight’s game, Wang Jianjun said. This season, before the Olympic men’s basketball coach Wu Qinglong came to the Shenzhen team with the team, Wang Jianjun also admitted that Wu Qinglong himself made many useful suggestions. "He’s got a lot of action! Our team is very good, including Zhang (bin) guidance, teachers are the same, every game we have a meeting to develop rival scheme, this is all out together." Wang Jianjun said. It is worth mentioning that this season, the Shenzhen team repeatedly encountered opponents core players comeback situation. The second round against Guangdong Yi Jianlian comeback, the fourth round against Jilin Jia · Brown comeback, tonight against Liaoning, the upcoming comeback of the…… But Wang Jianjun does not care, he said: "for us, regardless of who is the opponent, as long as we do, put our own things out this is the most important." The new season, the young Li Muhao inside the 24 year old has made significant progress, for reasons, AHAO progress Wang Jianjun said: "we have been encouraging him. He was 24 years old, and also to a mature period. I said the coach will give you a chance, you have to seize the opportunity. So in particular, I chose the two foreign aid is a team of foreign aid, in my tactical system, you have more opportunities to attack, take advantage of your height, can not say that the focus of training, but the opportunity is to him. And he really did." [collection] Shenzhen 111-99 Jilin Shenzhen 7 double 18+10+10 Pargo (this video content has nothing to do with the original, for further reading)相关的主题文章: