Shenyang today the temperature of the big diving minimum 4 degrees Celsius to 6 degrees Celsius

Shenyang Jinming temperature "diving" a minimum of 4 to 6 DEG C and keep warm when you go out, after Friday temperatures gradually rise although yesterday during the day to night of the rain but little rainfall, followed by 4 – 5 north wind will blow the low temperature. During the day, the highest temperature in Shenyang will be reduced to about 20 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature at night around 6 degrees celsius. The rapid cooling and a larger range, we must promptly add clothing. Although the weather is sunny Wednesday, but in the continuing impact of cold air, the temperature will continue to decline, the highest temperature to 16 degrees, the minimum temperature is only 4 degrees. This Thursday southerly return, the highest temperature barely back to 19 DEG C, is expected after Friday, with the departure of the cold air, the temperature will gradually rise. Overall, this week by the moderate intensity of cold air, Shen city temperature will be 8 degrees Celsius -10 degrees Celsius decline. In particular, sooner or later the weather will suddenly become very cool, it is recommended that we must adjust according to the weather changes in a timely fashion. Go to sleep at night to keep warm, close the doors and windows, to prevent the cold flu and other diseases. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter   Lv Jia相关的主题文章: