Sheng Yilun Sherlock Zhang Jike is the younger generation of Li Changyu is the ancestor of entertain mmhouse

Sheng Yilun Sherlock Zhang Jike is the younger generation of Li Changyu is the ancestor of Chinese entertainment Sohu face – Sherlock Li Changyu is "iceberg face" ancestor of Sohu entertainment news from the beginning of the network drama "Princess promotion", Yilun Sheng "iceberg face will once become netizens touted popular words. And then Zhang Jike, roll blessing is one of the friends dug up belong to the iceberg face system, the male god. As everyone knows, the "face" ancestor is famous in the Chinese international police detective Li Changyu. In the CCTV "impossible" program and "challenge the heart surgery division" Songming duel, "iceberg face" ancestor of Dr. Lee’s calm expression has become a weapon of Songming confused. Showdown wonderful degree far beyond the "iceberg face" juniors. Worthy of the name of the interpretation of a "face" of the advanced history. "Princess promotion" play in Prince Sheng Yilun, a face to play the play, deadpan, high cold temperament is his label. Sheng Yilun is the tip of the face of the faithful powder, because even in real life, he will always send out "do not come close to people," the cold temperament. The iceberg face in the end, but it happens that there are so many fans to eat this set! "Sherlock Sherlock" on behalf of detective in the "iceberg face". No matter how incredible the case, he can always do a good job management, calm, calm, anyway, as long as the iceberg face on the line! It is the best detective dish a "iceberg face"? However, poker-faced "Sherlock iceberg face" failed to scare away the love of his audience. Fans are always said Meng, I do not know how he should feel. "Iceberg face" symptoms are not confined to the entertainment, sports is an outstanding representative of China, Zhang Jike is a bully ball "iceberg face"! During the Olympic Games, even in the intense competition in the struggle, he is always a pair of never sleep indifferent face. The live broadcast of him, but also casually cut off the map, you can become a cool to the expression package. Perhaps this is the tip of the iceberg in the handsome man! The scene in the game can really sleepy Koko cool face, cold does not matter, many girls heart is hot! As for this, it is just recently joined the iceberg face team Li Changyu. In the CCTV "challenge the impossible" program, the judges he is knowledgeable, but also Chinese detective, is the "ultimate representative face". Because Dr. Li has always been a calm appearance, mouth slightly higher, with gentle eyes with sharp. Such a constant expression that "mind reading master" Songming in PK and couldn’t help her "you are really a face"! So, Dr. Li’s indifferent face, and immediately became one of the most favorite expression of the user, there is nothing more than indifference to represent my feelings.相关的主题文章: