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Share the world’s sexiest women of pregnancy is short, why not sexy – Sohu mother for each expectant mothers during pregnancy, eat not fat, keep the sexy body "- it is one world, one dream! Pregnant to Meimei Da, supermodel Candice Swanepoel is a model! The sugar has been pregnant for more than a month, only not long legs long belly meat, breast has everything, a street full of super model ~ Candice Swanepoel, was born in South Africa in 1988, height 175.5 cm, weight 54.5kg. A hot figure, a sweet smile, a goddess in the eyes of a global man. The news of pregnancy published recently, although Indoorsman’s heart is broken, but also make people feel gratifying, is the crystallization of love. The sugar released on INS, a pregnant woman, this is too sexy! There is such a street shot, can not help but Scream: God?! This is pregnant????? Not only is the sugar, our mouth beauty Chen Yao during pregnancy is beautiful to say anything! Street travel photo is so ~ ~ them as the most beautiful pregnant women, not too much! Chen Yao stays in motion during pregnancy. Pregnant mother when the movement is beautiful sexy! The sugar so sexy, healthy sports usually also contributed to keep running: push ups: so we have a good body to pregnant mothers during pregnancy must exercise Oh ~ in movement time must pay attention to the following aspects: 1 changes to understand the physical status of pregnant women need to understand their own heart function to pregnancy and metabolic function. In the early stages of pregnancy, blood flow from the heart begins to increase. In the first three months, blood flow increased by 30-50%. Your heart has to work hard to send extra blood to the body, so it’s easier for the body to make the pregnant woman feel tired. Whether pregnant women exercise intensity is large or small, any pregnancy aerobic exercise will be more challenging than usual. 2 timely rest after pregnancy, because of the increase in blood flow, pregnant women’s heart rate also began to improve. After the exercise, the pregnant woman takes up to 15 minutes to recover to the original heart rate. During exercise, because the heart and other muscles require additional blood flow, they may compete with the placenta for these additional blood. Mothers need to rest after 15 min of exercise, even if the physical can load must also be in a rest after the start. 3 warm up exercise because it can help the uterus to increase the hormone can also reduce the function of the body’s connective tissue, so the risk of muscle injury, tearing and other injuries also increased. Therefore, jumping, shaking, fast and direct changes in body position are not suitable for pregnant women. Therefore, before exercise must do warm-up exercises, but also to avoid cramps. 4 special wearing sports wear special clothing movement often have sweat heat function, avoid sweat absorbing material for skin discomfort, there is only the elastic sportswear is conducive to physical activities and micro extension相关的主题文章: