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Shaoxing seventy uncle WeChat group has written an autobiographical novel series more than 90 thousand words (Figure) Shaoxing seventy uncle WeChat group has written an autobiographical novel series of more than 90 thousand word events like a jar of wine, the longer the more mellow. Song Guohua, a 70 year old Shaoxing old man, has linked an autobiography on WeChat to share his life story with more people. At present, he has persisted for more than 100 days and has written more than 90 thousand words. Song Guohua wrote the WeChat novel, which originated from the gathering of old friends. "High school classmates gathered, everyone’s life path is different, and want to share soon, I feel the memory is opened at once." Song Guohua has been a teacher of intellectual youth and mountain village, who has been a manager of accounting and catering enterprises, and also has been working with agriculture. 70 years of experience of bitter and happy knowledge. From May 21st this year, Song Guohua wrote an autobiographical novel on WeChat every day. WeChat’s novel comes from his diary material. He is a full "Diary control". Since his work, he has written fifty or sixty diaries. Although he was writing a WeChat novel every day, he still kept a diary. Song Guohua’s WeChat novels are less than more than 500 words per day, and more than more than 1000 words. The night was conceived, and the mobile phone memorandum was opened at 4:30 a.m. on the second day. After the night was revised, it was officially released in WeChat group of high school classmates and relatives. He will be good in every chapter of the title, date, number, wait for everyone to read, he will comment on record, and then handed over to print out the son-in-law. It was the story of the mansion wine shop, and he had written 87. "The only story I know is that I can share with my family and friends through the Internet. I feel very fresh and excited." Song Guohua said. It’s hard to imagine that these words were written by a 70 year old man on his cell phone. "Just poke a cell phone every day and write so many words in one or two hours." Age, long time staring at the screen of the mobile phone very tired eyes, but as long as he is wearing presbyopic glasses picked up the mobile phone, is happiness within. The old man does not use the keyboard to Pinyin, now the most sneaking on the smart phone is the memorandum and the WeChat group function. In WeChat, he has had a lot of loyal readers, mostly his senior high school classmates. "They told me that they didn’t read anything I read every day, but they could see something less if they saw me, and they would enrich their mind if I saw it updated." Song Guohua laughed and said that his classmates were the biggest driving force for his writing. "All of this is my hobby. I’m happy to be busy myself." Song Guohua life is a calm man, speaking of diary and WeChat novel, old man in good out of a bandbox. Song Guohua said he wanted to use WeChat to get more people to read his novels. If he had the chance to publish these novels, it would be one of his life plans.

绍兴七旬大伯微信群连载自传小说 累计已写9万多字(图) 绍兴七旬大伯微信群连载自传小说 累计已写9万多字   往事就像一坛老酒,越久越醇香。70岁的绍兴老人宋国华在微信上连载自传小说,与更多的人分享他的人生故事。   目前,他已经坚持了一百多天,累计写了9万多字。   宋国华写微信小说缘起于老友间的聚会,“高中同学聚首,大家的人生轨迹都不同,又想很快分享,我感觉回忆一下子被打开了。”   宋国华当过知青和山村老师,做过会计、餐饮企业经理,也务过农,70年的经历苦乐自知。从今年5月21日起,宋国华每天都会写一篇自传体小说发在微信上。   微信小说来源于他的日记素材,他是个十足的“日记控”,自工作以来,已经写有五六十本日记。虽然每天在写微信小说,他依然坚持写日记。   宋国华的微信小说每天少则500多字,多则1000多字。前一天晚上构思好,第二天早上4点半打开手机备忘录来写,晚上修改好后再正式发布在高中同学和亲戚们的微信群里。他会标好每一个章节的日期、题目、字数,等到大家读完,他还会将评语记录下来,再交由女婿打印出来。光是府桥酒酱店的故事,他就已经写了87个。   “本来只有我知道的故事,现在通过网络能跟家人和朋友一起分享,我感觉非常新鲜和兴奋。”宋国华说。   很难想象,这些文字都是一位70岁的老人在手机上一笔一画写出来的。“每天拿着手机戳戳戳,一两个小时才写出这么多字。”年事渐高,长时间盯着手机屏幕眼睛很疲惫,不过只要他戴好老花镜拿起手机,就乐在其中。老人不会用键盘拼音,现在智能手机玩得最溜的就是备忘录和微信群功能。   微信里他已经有了一批忠实读者,大多是他的高中老同学,“他们和我说,每天不看我写的小说就感觉少了一样东西,看到我发出来更新了,心里才会充实点。”宋国华笑着说,他的这些同学是他写作的最大动力。   “这一切都是自己的爱好,自己忙碌自己开心就好。”生活中的宋国华是个心态平和的老人,说起日记和微信小说,老人神采奕奕。   宋国华说,自己还想利用微信让更多人读到他的小说,将来有机会的话,能将这些小说出版,这也是他的人生计划之一。相关的主题文章: