Shanxi province Consumers Association issued a warning National Day holiday travel to avoid consumer webquest

Shanxi province Consumers Association issued a warning to the National Day holiday travel to avoid consumer disputes Sanjin Metropolis Daily News (reporter He Yumei) with the "eleven" the arrival of the National Day vacation, travel as many consumers preferred leisure consumption. In order to avoid unpleasant consumer disputes in the tourism, the provincial Consumers Association released 2016 twelfth consumer warning to remind consumers to pay attention to the following aspects of tourism travel. First, offered consumers before the trip, should first check the travel agency business qualification, certification is complete, but also on the degree of credibility. In the face of cheap temptation, consumers need to estimate the reliability of a reasonable choice according to their own ability to bear the travel route; when signing a contract, to read the terms of the contract provided by travel agency carefully, clear line, transportation, dining, accommodation standards, shopping time and times. To see the terms, and for their own do not understand or have doubts on the part of timely communication and feedback, do no danger of anything going wrong. Two, in order to avoid accidents, consumers in signing and travel agencies are best to ask whether the travel costs include all kinds of accident insurance, including transportation, attractions and shopping in a variety of accident insurance. If not, you can buy a copy before you go on a trip. In addition, for the elderly, children will increase the additional cost, and the cost of income is reasonable, these matters should be asked in advance. Three, whether s tourism, or self driving travel, consumers are paying close attention to all kinds of security problems, must strictly comply with the tour guides and local attractions that don’t want to see the sea to swim; you want to see the original forest exploration into animal ecological park; the blind off camera, to prevent irreparable damage. At the same time, consumers should pay attention to in the shopping guide or to accompany staff recommend shopping, avoid "slaughter"; when eating to pay attention to food hygiene, to pay special attention to the local eating habits; in the travel process should always beware of thieves, to prevent stolen property. Four, the process of travel, consumers in shopping or receiving services, should ask the other party to issue a formal invoice. Part of the travel agency or scenic spots are often issued a receipt, or after receipt of payment receipts issued by the "fill" the formal invoice. For these cases, consumers should ask each other to write "and enjoy the same rights after the formal invoice or fill the formal invoice and other commitments, to avoid consumer disputes without a valid certificate, to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.相关的主题文章: